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TTerasol Family is a group of hard-working, intensely curious folks who care deeply about making great apps. Aside from being designers, developers, makers, and thinkers, we are filmmakers, bloggers, gamers, and more.

As a company, we love learning new technologies, thinking outside the box, and finding ways to be more efficient and creative.We work with a wide variety of clients, but it’s always a similar story –there’s a problem or opportunity that software can help conquer. The best part? We get a front seat to see clever ideas become a reality in the software we build for customers.

Our goal as a company is to always push the state of the art.Our vision is to adapt to changing technology. We help clients transform their business through mobile. We help define objectives clearly, then design and build brilliant apps for anything that has a screen. We can’t always show the work, though, because of confidentiality. Rest assured, it’s excellent. We also consult on all aspects of mobile strategy, advising clients on how to execute quickly and thoughtfully.

Our philosophy

Terasol Technologies believes in building apps that will make you (and your customers) happy. Our whole development philosophy revolves around finding the best software solutions to meet the needs of you and your customers.

THESE MOBILE FANATICS LIVE AND BREATHE APPS We’re designers, engineers, developers, marketers, analysts, strategists, mad scientists and above all else — app adventurers.

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