When it comes to the workplace, most people think that delivering tasks is all that matters. Knowing the technical aspects of one’s work is more than enough to gain success.

The recruitment scenario is fast changing. Companies are using holistic approaches to interview potential candidates. They don’t screen candidates only on sound technical knowledge or meticulous courtesy. They are looking for people who strike the immaculate balance between the two.

One cannot run a hospital without doctors or a school without teachers. Neither can they function on behavioral incompetency.

Business runs when its clients are happy. This happens when the team puts its differences aside and works towards a common goal.

Which company wouldn’t want to recruit such people who can work on their own as well as a team?

So what are the skills that will help yo pay your bills?

1. Give attention to your body language.

Specific gestures appear rude and specific gestures make the other person feel comfortable. It always helps to know the difference.

2. Make eye contact while speaking.

Not making eye contact makes people feel neglected and you appear to be hiding facts. Looking at the person while speaking to them, earns you their confidence.

3. Practice your writing and oration skills.

Knowing what to speak can create wonders. Select your words and keep your tone mild in casual conversations.

4. Pay attention to the other person speaking.

Paying attention shows that you’re considerate and well mannered.

Improving your communication skills leads the way to help you build interpersonal relationships.

5. Make small talks with colleagues.

Approaching people can be very intimidating. Dropping in to say to hello or asking them for a cup of tea can go a long way.

6. Manage conflicts in a healthy way.

It is not every time that your opinions will match with all or everyone will welcome your ideas. Keep a cool head and try to talk with your peer and search for a common ground together.

7. Practice Networking.

Networking does not mean helping each other with a motive. It is to build a community based on skills and trust. It establishes you as a social and trustworthy person and will help you grow.

8. Take initiative and lead.

Try to do things before anyone asks you to do them. Start conversations and take initiative on tasks and complete them on time. Promotion or not, earning the respect of your peers is certain.

9. Manage your time.

Rule of thumb, ‘Don’t bite into more than you can chew.’ Rank your work on priority. Take as much as you can do and do proper.

10. Seek challenges.

Never shy away from trying something new. Be a change in technique or change in the attitude of doing work. Not taking up a challenge will make work monotonous. It will also make your progress stagnant.

11. Improve problem-solving skills.

You have to think straight, try different and new approaches and be ready to accept that you might fail. Be open to new opinions and willing to take help.

12. Accept constructive criticism in the spirit of the team.

Everyone makes mistakes. Own up when you do. Ask to discuss alternate solutions when someone critics your work.