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You probably must have heard that nothing fetches you business as blogging does. Or if you want more traffic you should blog as often as you can. You should be able to cram 2,000 words a piece and should blog 3-4 times a week.

Now, let’s be honest, writing 2,000 words a blog and writing 4 or more blogs a week is a lot of work. It simply exhausts your creativity and your willingness to push boundaries.

More often than not, bloggers hit the writer’s block pretty quickly and pretty frequently. It is not easy to keep writing every day and churn out new topics every day.

A blog not only needs a creative subject it also requires a lot of fine tunings. You have to brainstorm for creative headlines, good images, you fret about grammar, plagiarism, SEO and a ton of other things.

So how do you get the creative juices flowing along with a steady flow of blogs? Here are some tools, divided into categories according to areas where you might find problems.

How to Come Up with Creative Headlines?

1. Tweak Your Biz 

Enter your keywords or the subject you want to write about and click submit. The tool will generate lists of headlines under various contexts.

2. CoSchedule 

Type in your headline and the tool will break down the various strengths and weaknesses of your headline.

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ProTip: While a score of 50 and above is preferred, it is always helpful for your headline to have a score of 60 minimum.

3. Capitalize My Title

For all those woes of sentence case. Simply type your headline and click on the option of Sentence Case and you will have your headline accordingly formatted.

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Where can you get free and quality images?

4. UnSplash 

With over 70.000 contributing photographers, the website provides you with great quality copyright free images that are free to download.


5. Pexels 

Free stock photos that you can use even without attribution.

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Image result for homepage

Where can you customize images or create infographics?

7. Canva

With its wonderful drag and drop feature editing photos becomes easy and fun.

Image result for canva homepage

8. QuotesCover

In a few simple steps, you can make images of your quotes and also can browse through there quotes picture gallery for copyright free images.

Image result for quotescover homepage

9. Piktochart

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How do you edit your blog?

For Grammar

10. Grammarly

A novelty tool that makes it stand out from its peers. The best way to use Grammarly is to install their extension for internet browsers.

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For Readability

11.The Readability Test Tool

The tool breaks down your text into various levels of simplicity and tells you how easy your text is to read and comprehend.

Image result for the readability test tool homepage


A bit similar to Grammarly, however, this tool is of great help when it comes to breaking down your sentences for easy readability and removing any negative undertones from your prose.

Image result for hemingway homepage

For Keyword Research 


The autocomplete feature of this tool is surely going to impress you. It not only gives you suggestions from Google but also from various search engines like Yahoo!, Binge, etc.

Image result for soovle homepage

14. SEOChat 

This tool comes up with 3 types of result for your query. The results are exhaustive lists of what people are searching related to your keyword.

Image result for seochat Suggestion Keyword Finder homepage

For Plagiarism

15. Small SEO Tools

Image result for small seo tools plagiarism checker homepage

Well, there you have it! Do mention in the comments which tools you liked the most and which tools you use often!

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