Keyword research is the one thing that many bloggers and digital marketers struggle with. It doesn’t matter whether you want to promote your website or simply a blog.

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If you’re putting your content online, you need to research keywords to drive your content strategy.

‘Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting’, Bill Gates 1996, Content is King.  

If you want more and more people to discover your work, you need to frequently put up new and good content online. But how will you drive your audience to your page when you don’t know what they’re searching for?  

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This is where you need to research keywords. Keywords are words that your audience are searching for when they search for a query online. Placing keywords in your content helps it rank higher on search engines and is more visible to your audience.

Searching for keywords also gives you a better idea of the direction you want to take your business towards, define your target audience and draft the exact type of content you will be putting up for them online.

So how do you search for what your audience is searching for and how often are they searching for it? 

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Well, Google has made a number of tools available for free like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Correlate, etc.  but that’s for another day. Allow me to introduce you to a few keyword research tools that aren’t from google and that are absolutely free!

1. Ubersuggest 

Ubbersuggest is by Neil Patel. This tool provides keywords that you won’t usually find through Google Keyword Planner.

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Ubersuggest will also provide you with a general overview of the keyword including its search volume, SEO difficulty, how much CPC ur peers are putting on it etc.

You will be able to view popular searches related to your keyword, the volume of searches, web pages receiving maximum traffic containing your keyword, etc.


The autocomplete feature of this tool is surely going to impress you. It not only gives you suggestions from Google but also from various search engines like Yahoo!, Binge, etc.

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3. AnswerThePublic

With beautiful visual representations of data, this tool provides exhaustive lists of questions, comparisons and alphabetical searches and all searches related to your keyword with the most searched keywords shown at the top of the list.

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And what’s so good about the tool? You can download all your searches!

4. SEOChat 

This tool comes up with 3 types of result for your query. The results are exhaustive lists of what people are searching related to your keyword.

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5. Keyword In

If you want to combine a string of keywords, this is your go-to tool. All you got to do is type in all the keywords your webpage is about and the tool will generate all the combinations possible.

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The various combinations of keywords also help in generating amazing headlines for a blog.

These are just some of the tools that’ll help you structure your content and boost your business. Tell me in the comments which tools are your favorite and which keyword research tools you use often!

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