Ways  Artificial Intelligence  is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Use Case Study By Terasol Technologies


With 69% of healthcare companies planning to adapt to AI for early diagnosis and administrative tasks, it is evident that AI technology is all set to assist the healthcare industry in the new aeon.

In-depth insights from AI-driven software can help online healthcare services provide patient-centric services that offer patients easy access to expert guidance, diagnosis, and preliminary analysis.

However, only 7% of healthcare apps incorporate AI features to enhance their offerings for the users. This clearly shows a major market potential for healthcare brands to become early market leaders by incorporating AI-based features.


In this article, we will look into some of the AI applications in the healthcare industry and how it makes online healthcare applications more patient-centric in their operations. But before we dive into that let’s understand the perks of AI integration in Healthcare.

Perks of AI Technology in the Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence enables healthcare experts to analyze large amounts of real-time data regarding patients instantly to perform in-depth analyses. It impacts multiple aspects of the healthcare industry such as research, diagnosis, wellness, clinical decision support etc. This makes AI a crucial element for the further evolution of online healthcare services. Here’s a detailed list of perks of AI for healthcare companies:


Real-Time Data Resource

AI assists healthcare services in accessing real-time data regarding patients’ symptoms, medical history, and progress reports. This makes patient diagnosis faster and easier for healthcare professionals.


Streamlines Operations

AI can be used to instantly handle tedious manual tasks in healthcare such as appointment scheduling, translating clinical details, and keeping tabs on patients’ recovery with ease. This offers doctors time and space to attend to patients’ concerns and assist them with accuracy.


Speeds Up Healthcare Assistance

AI makes it easier for medical establishment in automating major tasks and save productivity hours for the doctors. As a result, doctors have more time to diagnose and treat their patients.


Assist Medical Research

AI makes analysing large amounts of data easier for medical experts. This not only helps speed up the research process but also enhances the accuracy of research results.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Use Cases

In the post-Covid world, the market share of AI in healthcare grew at a rate of 167% in just two years’ time between 2019-2021. This clearly signifies how AI is rapidly transforming the healthcare industry and catering to evolving needs of patients efficiently. Here’s how some of the market leaders in the healthcare industry have integrated AI to offer patient-centric services


Babylon is a personal AI-based healthcare assistant application. The application helps patients to track their overall health, put reminders for medicine. and take detailed health assessment.

The users can record their symptoms and get AI generated report and suggestions to stay at the top of their overall health progress. This allows users to stay healthy and book doctor’s appointment using the app when they need to ensure that they avoid major health risks and lead an healthier lifestyle.


Sensely provides its users with a virtual nurse that assists them with health diagnosis and keeping up with their wellness schedule. The AI powered virtual nurse helps patients in accessing multiple healthcare related features that assists them in:

  • Checking physical and mental health related symptoms
  • Accurate chronic illness management
  • Finding right doctors nearby and book an appointment
  • Browsing through mental health related programmes

This makes the AI powered Virtual nurse an efficient tool for users that needs consistent medical assistance to maintain their health. The app is a clear example of how use of AI in healthcare can enhance the efficiency and provide users instant assistance.


Ever checked your symptoms on Google and found out you’ve caught something deadly? If yes you’re not alone, getting your symptoms checked online can be a scary! To help users in accessing their symptoms accurately and get reliable diagnosis Symtomps launched an AI powered self-diagnosis application which assists patients in accessing timely medical assistance.

In this, the users can take MCQ based self assessments for their medical issues that they are facing and the AI generates data-driven report of possible health ailments and treatment roadmaps. This makes it easier for users to get instant insights on their health woes instantly and accurately.

Future Scope AI in Healthcare

As we saw AI is already helping multiple healthcare brands in improving their overall services and offering patients with medical assistance. Over time, we can expect to see more AI-powered healthcare applications catering to medical facilities in offering patient-centric healthcare assistance.

At Terasol, our team have built multiple AI powered digital solutions related for the healthcare industry. So, if you're planning to blend in the power of Artificial Intelligence with your healthcare apps reach out to our experts right away to get started.