Connecting Compaq Smart TV with App Launcher for Ossify



Ossify is an established Consumer Electronics company delivering remarkable quality products to its customers. They are the brand licensee for Compaq smart televisions in India.

So, Compaq wanted to enter the Smart TV space in India. Having a strong foothold in the manufacturing segment worldwide, through their uncompromising work ethics, they were looking for a similar partner for their software development counterpart.

The Ossify team approached Terasol to create a sleek UI Experience for their smart TV. This project includes the designing of a custom launcher and customized branding with many other deliverables we developed in the process.






Completion Time

6 months 

Team Size


Tech Stack





Target Devices




Smart TV Launcher

Ossify already had some Smart TV running default stock Android versions. These stock android are made compatible with TV hardware and work in conjunction with them and the royalty is paid to Google. The customization with that launcher is available to them but is very limited. This created a need for a custom app launcher for them.


Product Branding

As Compaq entered into the agreement with Ossify to enter the Indian market, branding is the main concern on which their product launching is highly dependent. They wanted the app launcher to have branding in line with the Compaq UI pattern, their logos, and their color schema.


To Access Compaq’s Other Applications

With limited customization, the Google play store adds another layer of issues over the top. The licensing problem, which for a new player in the market is quite a challenge to overcome. So, Compaq needed a way to install their other app easily on their SmartTV.


Website to Manage Content

To create a strong brand identity from offline stores that reflects the core of their brand and should enable users to explore and trust their collection. She wanted to have identical, personalized, and consistent UI components for Android, iOS, and web apps to ensure a consistent user experience and smooth navigation.


To start with this project we finalized a flexible team with complementary skills, including a project manager, a UX/UI specialist, a WordPress Developer, Android Developer, and a Tech Lead.

After getting UI guidelines from Compaq our design team churned out many iterations to come up with a final version of the website which was later on approved by the Compaq team. Then we moved on to the custom launcher app and website for Compaq Smart TV. We used Kotlin to create the launcher app and WordPress for website development.

We worked closely with the client, making daily decisions and keeping all teams organized, aligned, and productive through requirement changes and updates. We caught all the minor bugs in Android App during the QA process, so there haven’t been any surprises post-launch.