Like in the previous two days, Apple did not launch many features or updates about the new iOS 14 on the Day 3 of the conference. But still, they managed to surprise us with few launches that they made on Day 3 of the conference. Here’s a list of the announcements that were made on Day 3:

1. Apple to get a new Refund notification system 

Apple is introducing a new feature in which, if we purchase or even return something from an app it will let us know about the money refunds through notifications, and then the user can take the necessary steps for refunding money for the in-app purchase. After that the developer will alert the customer about the refund and take steps to remove the content.

2. IOS 14 Picture-in-Picture runs a smooth course

This is one of the most talked features that has been added in iOS 14. This feature has been added to the beta version. It will run very smoothly on any device. This feature will help you do multiple tasks at the same time.

3. SwiftUI will support creating Apps

With this new feature, now you can merge together apps, videos, and images. Developers will noe be able to implement the features using the new commands modifier while saving time and reducing complexity.

4. Airpods Pro Audio Tweaks

With iOS 14, Apple has announced a bunch of new features that it has added to its devices. AirPods Pro can now be customized in its Transparency mode for capturing multiple frames with the help of the iPhone Magnifier function. AirPods Pro could now be customized in Transparency mode to capturing multiple frames with the iPhone Magnifier function.

5. Apple Watch Rebrands its fitness app 

With the Apple Activity app, you will get some new features in the WatchOS 7. As now the users will be able to track dance, core training, functional strength, and cool-down exercises.

6. Keep a track of your EV battery on your Apple devices

With the new iOS 14, Apple announced that the users will now be able to keep a track on their Electric vehicle’s battery status through Apple Watch with watch OS 7. for now, only the BMW and Ford cars have been installed with this feature, but the company has said it will soon launch it for all other cars as well.