As the Apple World Wide Conference goes into its fourth day, many big announcements were made at the conference. Here’s a list of features that were introduced to the world on Day 4:

1. IOS will now support Xbox Elite wireless Controllers

In the conference, it was confirmed that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will now support wireless Xbox controllers. There was good news for gamers and game developers as now they can also use a keyboard and mouse for gaming on iPadOS.

2.  Apple allows ‘Hey Email App with a 14-day free account option

‘Hey” is an application made by Basecamp for Email purposes. In this app, anyone can join without having any invitation code. Apple will use the 1.0.3 version of the Hey app which will come with a 14-day trial pack for the iOS users.

3.  Apple brings Face and touch identification for the web with Safari version 14 

Apple has now made login easier for the users by adding the ID touch feature for its web. Previously the ID touch login was used in iPhones and iPads. For this Apple is training its developers for introducing the ID Touch features for their websites, which will allow users to login to sites without entering their usernames and passwords every time.

4. Some new Apple features will now use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Apple announced many features in this year’s conference, many of these features and software will run with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Like Washing hand detection, handwriting recognition, face recognition, Touch ID, and many more.


5. Apple’s features for game developers and players

This year’s Apple World Wide Developers Conference has given a bit notice to the gaming part of its system. They have added some features like haptics, rumble, motion, and even the ability to support a keyboard and mouse for iPad gaming. Players will now have in-game experiences like feeling the explosion that takes place in games like PubG. 

6. The MacOS Sur desktop Apps are built with Google UI toolkit

Apple has launched the MacOS Big Sur in this year’s Conference. Apps like iMessage, mail, Safari are built using Google toolkit. These versions of the apps are now used in the beta version which is already being used by developers across the world.

7.  Apple’s features for differently-abled people

Apple’s new update has many features that are helpful for differently-abled people. In iOS 14 people can use Facetime that can recognize what the person is saying by using the sign language which will help them being vocal in a group call.

8. Apple is preparing for Augmented Reality with the new update

All the new apps and features that were introduced to the world through this year’s Apple WWDC have a pinch of reality in them. Evey app now is 3D and also casts shadows. Siri has also become 3d in this new iOS 14 updates.

These were the new features and updates that were talked through on Day 4 of the conference.