So, as the Apple Worldwide Developers conference has arrived at its Day 5, the last day of the WWDC  2020. Few features and updates were launched on the last day of the conference. Here’s the list of the launches that were made on Day 5:

1. Swift Playgrouds

It is an app that is used on the iPad and Mac. It will make learning very easier and fun, it will require no coding knowledge. So, it will be a very good app for students who will be beginners in coding. This app is today used for making some very popular apps. At the conference, they completed the Swan’s Quest.

2. Location Privacy

On the last day of the conference, we learned how can we design our location privacy. It is a setting that will let you decide what kind of information do you want to share or hide from the people outside.

So, with this, the Apple World Wide Developers Conference comes to an end. It was a very entertaining and exciting week for all the tech lovers and developers. Thanks to Apple for conducting such amazing events every year.