Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is an online format where millions of developers around the world get connected virtually. Apple made many big announcements regarding the new technologies released by them. Here’s a list of all the announcements that Apple made on Day 1 of this conference:

1. Apple introduces IOS 14

Apple said it to be the next big thing that will be getting released later this year. The noticeable changes that are made in this version are the widgets on the home screen, which will change the look of the software. It will have a new feature in which the apps will be organized according to their categories.

 The Picture-in-Picture feature is also added in the IOS 14, which will help you see videos on a floating tab which can be resized as well. This will help you to see the home screen for a moment without actually having to stop the videos.

2. A dedicated Apple Map for Cycling and EV drivers

In the new IOS 14, the Apple Maps will be included with a cycling specific navigation. It will alert the person cycling that there is a steep road ahead or a downhill.  It will help the EV drivers by alerting of the taxes they will have to pay along the route they are travelling.

3. Digital Car Key in IOS 13 and IOS 14

Apple has given its users a new way to start or unlock their cars. You can register your keys in this app and you will not have to unlock your car doors every time. You will just have to press a button and your car door will be unlocked.

4. Changes in IPADOS 14

In iPODOS there is a new slide bar feature that will help the users to navigate apps more easily. This feature will help you do more without even touching the screen. The search design on the iPad has also been changed. It will also help the users to find contacts, search on the web, or serve as a Launchpad-like function to launch apps.

5. Handwriting with Apple Pencil will get better with iPODOS 14

Apple introduces a new feature called scribble which helps you to write in any text field using Apple Pencil, which will be automatically into text. This feature can also render handwriting in multiple languages into text on the iPad.

6. Airpods will soon be able to smoothly switch devices

Apple is updating the software of the Airpods which will help them connect automatically to the devices it will be paired. You will be no longer required to connect to a device manually. The Airpods have been given a new feature known as Spatial Audio which will give you an experience as if you are inside the audio mix.

7. New feature to Apple Watches

Apple has added a new feature to the Apple watch called FaceSwapping. In this, you can add a watchface to your Apple Watch by finding one on a developer’s website, or through social media. A new workout app has the feature that uses the Apple Watch’s gyroscope and accelerometer, mixed with heart rate data, to track a range of dance types. This is something new for everybody as it has never been used previously.

By using Machine Learning Apple will be able to take note of your sleeping. It will take help from the Apple Watch’s tracker to notice your motions. Not much was revealed about this feature, so we all are looking forward to it.

Amid the Pandemic it has been added with a new feature of washing hands, it will listen for the sound of splashing water to confirm that you’re actually washing your hands.

8. Apple TV is getting a Multi-User support

Now you can use multiple profiles on a single device that will help you play an Apple Arcade title without deleting your progress. Apple is also bringing support for the Xbox Elite 2 wireless controller and the Xbox Adaptive controller.

Apple TV will also get a Picture-in-Picture feature in the TVOS 14. You can use multiple tabs while watching a game or even some news.

9. Apple is also launching its new Silicon for its future computers

Apple previously used an intel-based processor for years, but now it will be using its own silicon for its computers. It used it for the iPhones and iPads. It’s a huge step taken by Apple as now it will not be dependent on others for Intel-based processors.

So, these were some of the big announcements that the Apple made on the first day of its conference. It was just the first day and yet it managed to make a big impact.