If you think Day 1 of this conference was a blast, then get ready for an explosion as Day 2 is even an upgrade of Day 1. Here are the big announcements that were made on Day 2 of the conference.

1. Airpods know when to charge themselves 

With the coming of the all new iOS 14, the Airpods will have a feature of knowing when to stop or resume charging. Instead of charging till 100%, it will charge till 80% and stop. Experts say that the material of these chargers is lithium and it should not be charged to 100%. Thus, this new update will help you increase your device’s battery life.

2. New Translation App has 11 languages

The new iOS 14 has been given a new translation app that can translate 11 different languages and an offline mode for voice and text translation. This Translate app is preloaded with the iOS 14 version and the supported languages include Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. It also helps two people chat with each other easily even if they both type in different languages.

3. Live Tiles coming back

It was first discovered by Microsoft. It is a very useful feature that has been added to iOS 14. This will help you get information at a glance without even opening the app. Like the weather conditions, date and time etc. Now you can customize your home screen with these as well.

4. Now MAC OS big sur with custom accent colors

Apple showed a video as to how these accent colors may look.  this video showed us how are the new design of mac OS Big Sur and adopt its visual hierarchy, design patterns, and behaviors. The video tutorial that they showed also featured as to how to incorporate custom accent colors and symbols to further personalize the application.

5. IOS fixes privacy issues in the clipboard

There were many complaints earlier this year that the devices access the clipboard without prior information or permission. It read and copied the text that was stored on the device. Now, with the new update, the user will be notified when an app or widget pastes text from the clipboard.

6. App Clip will allow you using apps without even installing it

They did not go into specifics on this topic, but we presume that it will be similar to the Android Instant Apps. They gave separate session for the developers detailing on how to design and build the feature.

7. Apple rolls out Widgekits for glanceability

In the new iOS 14, Apple has rolled out detail on Widgekits for developers. The three main goals to keep in mind are that widgets should be “glanceable, relevant, and personalized.”

8. The  new version of Siri

In iOS 14 Siri gets a new update in which it will not cover the entire screen, rather it will now appear in a bubble on the top of your screen and then answer your queries. With the new update, now Siri will also be able to send audio messages for iPhone users. The update includes pop-up call notifications as well.

9. New Sound Recognition support

It is a very small feature that has been added to the new iOS 14 update. But it may be very useful for people having hearing disabilities. You can now set your iPhone to actively listen for 14 different sounds like doorbell, sirens, smoke detector alarm, running water, dog barking, baby crying etc. The sound recognition feature can be found in the accessibility section of iOS 14’s settings menu. You have to just enable this feature from the settings.

10. Minute by Minute weather forecast

With the new iOS 14, Apple has added features to its weather forecasting as well. They said that this is one of the most compelling features in the update that is added to the iOS 14 which gives a Minute to Minute chart that shows the intensity of rain or snow over the coming hour.

11. Search for Emojis on the Emoji keyboard

We know how much an emoji is important while we are texting someone. So now Apple has added a new feature in which you can search for the emoji you want to use from an Emoji Keyboard. The new iOS14 will have a search option for the emoji keyboard.  

So, these were the announcements that were made on Day 2 of the Apple Conference. There are still 3 more days to go for the Conference to over, let’s see how surprises us in the remaining days with its new iOS 14 and the other updates.