Partner With Terasol

 A Partnership For a Better Tomorrow

Terasol Technologies is always open to partnering with individuals and companies to create truly amazing products and experiences. When we enter into a partnership with you, we share a common goal and provide our valuable expertise to help achieve the objectives for mutual benefits. Similarly, we expect our partners to work with zeal and commitment to make it a win-win proposition for everyone.

We are an esteemed organization. We strategize processes and take on new challenges that are suitable and beneficial for our partner program. If you are interested in connecting with us professionally, go through the wide range of partnership programmes we offer for varied purposes.

Partnership Options we Provide

Our referral partnership program is outstandingly rewarding and comes without any concerns of complex contracts or commitments. Once you become a referral partner, you can market our products, services and solutions to potential clients across the world. And for each of the closed deals from these referred projects, you receive commissions in the form of credit on all future projects that you bring to us. We would be responsible for finalizing the deal and working out the details from your referrals without any effort from your side. Rest assured, the clients you refer to us will be grateful to you.
Associate Partnership
In our associate partner program, we act as an extension to your existing development setup. You can either choose to outsource the projects to us or work collectively with us on a project.
With our strategic partner program, you no longer need to worry about the technical staff and its management, health, safety, pension, benefits, and other responsibilities. All you need to do as our Strategic partner is to focus on getting more and more business.
Outsourcing Partners
By being an outsourcing partner with Terasol Technologies, you will be able to get qualified leads and this will also depend on the quality of work you put on display for the clients. As an outsourcing partner, you can individually work/or act as an extension to our existing development setup on projects that do not match our supported domains or are of a scale we don’t undertake.

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