Terasol Named as top app development company by clutch

Terasol Technologies named Top App Developer in India By Clutch

When it comes to mobile app development, our team is among the best of the best. We excel at working closely with our partners to make their ideas a reality. Since our start in 2014, we have had the opportunity to work with clients that range from small start-ups to large corporations. No matter the …

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Make money with your Mobile Apps.

Usually, people carry their phones whenever they go outside the home, so having an option of internet shopping in their mobile phones makes their lives easier. Most likely, mobile applications growth has shown increasing graph year on year. As per the studies, the worldwide e-commerce business incomes was 184 billion U.S dollars in 2014 and …

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What is the Best Time to Post on Social Media?

Have you recently started your journey as a social media enthusiast and want to know the best time to post on social media? Whether you are new to digital marketing or fairly experienced, anyone who has grappled with social media marketing knows the struggle is real. The reason why anyone posts anything on social media …

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Flutter – More Beautiful Apps, in Less Time!

Flutter is a mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. It is developed by Google and is fully open source. Who should give Flutter a spin? Developers looking to build highly-performant User Interfaces. Web Application Developers looking to get into the mobile application development space without the …

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Understanding “Cubic Bezier” in CSS

The transition-property┬ápresent in CSS is utilized to apply impact on hovering over an element present on your page. This property is very important as it applies various kind of effects on your page, thus making it attractive. The┬átransition-property is a shorthand property used to speak to up to four transition-related longhand properties: .example { transition: …

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