Enterprise Software Development - Pros and Challenges

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What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development deals with developing and managing software developed for successfully running businesses. These businesses might be using some existing systems or looking to move over online platforms.

But when we say enterprise software development, then it represents software developed for easing and enhancing performance of business processes.

Our Software development company is majorly involved in enterprise software development covering domains of governance, media analytics, insurance, e-commerce and much more. Hence we have a lot to discuss over the process and challenges which comes with it.

Enterprise software development

Pros of Enterprise Software Development

  • Specific - you always get a specific problem to solve. You know what to make, who is gonna use it and what to expect out of it.
  • Long Term Relationship - the development firm establishes a long duration relation to enterprise, as enterprise software are difficult to replace or rebuild.
  • Domain Knowledge - this is the gem. You are getting a whole lot of domain knowledge like warehouse, insurance... which no other player can copy or duplicate.

Software development- Smart TV

Challenges of Enterprise Software Development

  • Lots of Change Orders - well that is true. It's an enterprise system and this is expected. Since the client is running their entire business over these, they want to be 100% sure of it.
  • Lots of Testing - need to be checked for all scenarios. Lot of enterprise development companies fails to do this. Without thorough testing of enterprise software, one might need to roll it back.
  • Understanding Existing System - this is always there. Every enterprise might be using something or the other for their work. It can be excel or standalone system software. Understanding their existing system is quite challenging as we all know understanding other person code.
  • Domain Knowledge - if you are new you gonna need to consider that while sending quote. If you know nothing about their domain, you will never be able to get it right. For any enterprise software to work you need to have good understanding of their domain.
  • Lengthy Discussions - enterprise software development costs majorly not in development but the time spent in meeting and discussions. There's already so much on table. Multiple systems, APIs, domain knowledge, may better multiple tech teams. These can only be solved through communication with web application development companies.

These are few pros and challenges which Terasol Technologies have came across while their journey in enterprise software development, like Smart TV App, Insurance Portal and Media Analytics.

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