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The Client
Chrome Data Analytics and Media
Android App Development
Analytics basics for businesses...
So here we are again, with Chrome Data Analytics and Media. With our previous working experience and project completion, ChromeDM (short for Chrome Data Analytics and Media) came back to us with yet another challenge.
As last time, we worked with them to create a technology which can capture high accuracy data over the customer end. This time it's the analytics.
ChromeDM is all about analytics. This is the huge game changer for their business. In today's mobile intensive world, when everything is there on your hand. Every top management executive of firms don't have time to get processed information after looking at long excel sheets. They need important and relevant information swiftly. And so to achieve this what best alternative than a mobile application. But there's a catch, they already have one???
The Work
So they already have an app why need another? Well, you know it's the matter of quality than having an app. They have an app which mostly runs on webview. Seriously, your major customers gonna run huge analytics datatables over webview on mobile devices. Effectiveness - gone like that. With all due respect to webview based apps, they are not meant for a highly accurate businesses.
As team Terasol analyzed and proposed a complete revamp of mobile application. Delivering high end analysis of data points in elegant, simpler and faster to process with vision to reduce efforts and time for end user.
The Challenge
Displaying analysis is entirely different for each app. Reason, every app's users need different aspects of analytics.


i. Conversion of huge databases into simpler and easier to understand form
ii. Using pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, etc. to so appropriate analysis
iii. Adding access control for every different client
iv. Bringing live feed of Chrome Box into App
v. Social platform for discussion
The Approach

  • Oh Boy! this one was tough. We kicked off with detailed discussion over all reports which are currently being shown or will be added to the application.
  • Rigorous week long design process happened including all kind of analytics tools available to get clarity over what type of chart and views to be used for each report.
  • Our UX/UI design experts prepared couple of sets of design prototype before getting to the finale version.
  • Development over app was smooth but creation of custom reporting views did not make it easy for team Terasol to develop the application.
  • The problem with analytics is getting the accurate result and their have been many inconsistencies while implementing the results. But thankfully the continuous interaction with ChromeDM helped in the process much faster.
  • Final Stage included the live stream feed from twitch and basic social profile with discussion which was a piece of cake after so much complex phases gone by.
The Results

A complimentary personal message from ChromeDM CEO to Terasol team. Well this justifies the hard-work and quality of project delivered to them. App is designed and optimized to show the analytics of an enterprise having huge data in simple and easier to grasp method.

It was launched in the first quarter of 2019 and is high anticipated by ChromeDM and their clients. As a feedback message received, the application has highly reduced the execution time for sending data analytics to their clients by ChromeDM.  In the end, that’s what Terasol stands for, making your business simpler and smoother.

Feel free to check the product
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