A reporting app for insurance specialist

The Client
SLK Bima
Android App Development and iOS App Development
What would a well established software would need?
SLK Bima Brokers have been in the insurance sector for last two decades. They deal in all categories of insurance and have a sophisticated system in place to handle their operations. In insurance sector, a major role is played by government bodies as the rules and regulations keeps on updating with time.
Nonetheless, the .Net based system have been working profoundly. The system has been with their organization for more than a decade and has evolved to form a real charming one. The complexity is difficult to state in words.
When SLK contacted us that they need a mobile app for the same, it immediately leads to clockwork cycle in head of our technical lead. How to put such system on handheld devices?
The Work
Having discussed with various aspects of system and it's architecture, our team lead to following conclusions:
i. migrating entire system at once is a step by step process
ii. we will be starting the process with few building blocks
iii. adding modules which are relevant to their mobile users.

Identifying the user base played a crucial role in the process. SLK wants this app to be focused for use by their POS [Point of Sale] team. Having already experienced technical minds on their side aid us to lead to conclusions about system architecture consisting of steps to prevent hampering of current system.
The Challenge
Seems simple but it's not. What is the most complex aspect of this system is it's domain knowledge and it's implementation. Understanding insurances rules and keep tab that each of these is followed consistently without fail is utmost priority.


i. Only reports requried by POS to be shown

ii. Dashboard showing targets and achievements for POS

iii. Premium calculator for aiding POS during sales
The Approach

  • Creating a simple and handy UI which can be easily followed by POS team who haven’t used any reporting app earlier.
  • Dashboard UI have been something which was quite challenging as it requires to show multiple analytics that too in elegant manner.
  • Reports integration suffered huge high side from server end, as their servers where running locally and bringing them over cloud and accessing over hand held devices without compromising security was top priority.
  • While development of premium calculator, team Terasol went under full understanding of motor insurance domain, various process and calculations required for the development.
  • Versioning is another important step need by SLK as they want their POS team to be updated with every update released by the company.
Well we have known the complexities, so we kept regular meet up with SLK visiting their premises, attending various sessions with their staff members understanding insurance terms and rules. Going through existing system architecture and implementation is vital in this process.

The Results

The journey was smooth as having technical support from SLK, system architecture knowledge, DB structure, server configuration, domain experience and constant support led to development of a user friendly mobile application. SLK has launched this application in Spring of 2017 and it has been used by SLK’s POS team since than. During this tenure the application have been regularly updated and is now in process of getting some major updates. A project which once seems tricky, is now aiding our customer in their business administration. That’s what Terasol is all about.

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