Virnecon - A Fashion Ecommerce

The Client
Web Development, Android App Development and iOS App Development
Established business with a new direction
An Odisha based woman entrepreneur recently took over her family fashion business. As a young and energetic mind, she knows the importance of online platform and presence on internet. Well, she contacted us and came up with two concepts.

An E-commerce platform pretty simple. This fashion point will help her in branding and selling of self designed apparels to much wider audience, along with a vision of expanding her business to next level.

Second, to bring distinction in market, she wants some innovation. Trying outfits online over mobile device and web platform.

There's the catch, we at Terasol have done AR stuff but this is different. It has multiple aspects to be considered. So as we say at Terasol, we said "Bring it on".
The Work
The tasks are pretty much simpler and repetitive for first part. Building web and mobile based E-commerce platform.

An administrative panel to manage the products over portal along with managing orders and delivery aspects.

Development of native android and iOS applications enabling easy maneuverability of platform over mobile devices.
Virtual trail room was the final module to be integrated to project. Involving assessing feasibility and available ways of implementing virtual trial with ease of access for user.
The Challenge
Having completed multiple projects successfully in E-commerce domain helped in smooth and swift execution of portal and application development.
Major challenges that need to be addressed were related to Virtual Trial Room:

i. What type of assets to be used, 3D, 2D or HTML

ii. What method of recognition to be implemented. Face recognition is simple but accuracy suffers. Full body scan involves lot of data points to be considered.

iii. Should we go with recognition libraries like OpenCV, Google or consider making our own. iii. Should work with precaptured photographs or not.

iv. PC and mobile cameras will be able to provide us with required view.

v. Final challenge was to seamlessly integrate it into web and mobile platform with light weight libraries and implementation.
The Approach

  • With Agile development in process, the project took off with clear timelines.
  • Basic designs and development of web portal and mobile applications duly completed in few weeks.
  • Administrative panel was completed in parallel with backend development and DB architecture.
  • Virtual trail room was implemented with OpenCV and face detection allowing to superimpose 2D image of the apparel over the person in front of camera. The detection algorithm will allow the system to recalibrate the size of the apparel and impose it to the camera feed or photograph uploaded.
  • This was a basic technique but sometimes solution to a problem is much simpler than we expect.
  • The OpenCV libraries we converted in Javascript and Android, iOS face recogntion libraries which were used. Also addition of manually adjusting the apparel over the feed enable user to easily try any apparel and see how it will look over them.
Though determine will the size will fit over the user is not added but the Virtual trail room worked just fine.

The Results

Virnecon was completed, deployed and made live for testing in mid of fall of 2018. But as somethings are not planned, due to certain circumstances from client side, project was not able to make it’s way to production.

Though client was quite happy with her dream being realized and there in front of her. Virtual trail room was good and she was happy with the implementation and simpler functionality over platforms.

With a mutual consensus the project was put under maintenance with estimation to be put under production in near future. At Terasol our initiative is not only to complete the project but also help our clients with uncertain situations faced post the deployment of the project. Hoping to seeing Virnecon live soon.

Feel free to check the product
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