Applications like PayTM, Momoe, and PayUMoney have composed examples of overcoming adversity in the domain of digital payment. Indeed, these E-Wallet mobile applications have distinguished the pattern of digital payment ahead of time. The altered mobile wallet application can do some amazing things while giving you higher degrees of profitability.

It isn’t right to expect that created nations advance digital payment and encourage individuals to go cashless. Developing economies like Brazil, China, and India are likewise during the time spent making the advanced procedure a standard. A Capgemini and BNP Paribas examine has uncovered that advanced payments can achieve 726 billion USD by 2020. In such an impelling situation, you can envision the job of mobile wallet application advancement.

With regards to features, the eWallet mobile application can offer comfort and security to the clients by incorporating advanced innovations like Blockchain, NFC, and so forth. All you have to pick a mobile application development organization to use the innovative headways in the modified mobile wallet applications.

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Here’re a few mobile payment pieces of the industry details:

  • The mobile payment advances advertise worldwide is required to develop at a CAGR of 20.5% between the long stretches of 2016 to 2024. The 2024 esteem expectation of this market is $1,773.1 billion. (Transparent Market Search)
  • In the US, 16.5% of the 232 million cell phones made contactless installments in 2016. (Juniper Search)
  • Half of all reviewed American retailers intended to join near field communication (NFC) in their stores before the finish of 2016 or had effectively done as such. (Monetary Times)

Key Features of E-Wallet Mobile App

E-wallet App UI
Features of User Panel
1. User Registration

At first, as it occurs with most applications, the user needs to enlist his record on a necessary note. He needs to use his mobile number and email id. He would get a confirmation code and after entering the code, his record gets enlisted. Some eWallet applications additionally use the KYC (Know Your Customer) to verify the exchange of cash.

2. Connecting the Banking Account

In the following stage, you have to connect your financial balance subtleties with the eWallet from where you would make the exchanges and different installments. You can include your card numbers, CVV number, and date of expiry of the card. This data is exceptionally classified so be cautious while entering the information sources.

3. Including the Money into Account

You need to give the choice of including more cash into their wallet. They can utilize their card subtleties and utilize a 3D verified stick, secret key or utilize the ATM’s stick to include cash.

4. Reserve Transfer or Receive Fund

The eWallet offers you the choice of sending cash to somebody either by composing the quantity of the beneficiary or by examining the QR code. You can, on the other hand, use NFC or the reference point innovation for sending the cash. The cash can be gotten similarly.

5. The eWallet Passbook

It winds up imperative to include an eWallet passbook utilizing which the clients will most likely check their exchange history. You can utilize the channel alternative to go for further developed inquiry.

6. Sending Money Back to Bank

Nowadays the eWallet applications are likewise offering an extra choice where the client can send the cash again into his financial balance in the event that he doesn’t keep an abundance sum in the wallet. What’s more, besides, each of the applications has set a month as far as possible for utilizing the wallet. You can’t accomplish more exchanges if that sum surpasses the breaking point. For example, for Paytm the month as far as possible is RS 10k.

7. Bill Payment or Recharge

The eWallet application enables you to pay your significant bills, for example, that of power, water duty, and telephone bill in the most advantageous way. You can likewise energize your cell phone or the web broadband network utilizing the equivalent application.

8. Paying for Insurance

The application enables you to pay your protection premium on schedule. Actually, you can likewise pay your salary and deals charge with the assistance of the application.

9. Flight and Train Reservations

In the ongoing occasions, eWallet applications like Paytm has presented the office of booking the flight, train and transport reservations utilizing the application. You simply need to enter your adventure subtleties and pursue the simple strides to make the payments.
Actually, you can likewise book your motion picture tickets on the web and pick your favored seat in the film lobby.

10. Looking for Grocery and different Products

The eWallet applications are broadening the client situated highlights and in this setting, they are putting forth online shopping for food alongside other classification things, for example, extras, clothing, family unit things, electronic machines, cell phones, and even vehicles and bicycles.

11. Limited time and Discount Offers

Since the dimension of rivalry has developed higher, you have to offer special and rebate offers to allure more clients. These can be shown as an independent class under the name money back offers things under half rebate, etc.

12. Appraisals and Reviews

Presently this is an essential element where you request that the client rate the administration of your application and furthermore compose a survey on whether he is happy with the offers and arrangements. In view of the survey, you can better your administrations.

13. Request History

The request history demonstrates the subtleties of the considerable number of requests that the client has made utilizing the eWallet application whether it is paying a bill, booking a film ticket or looking for a thing. In the event that, he has made a buy of anything you likewise need to demonstrate to him the status of his request and when it would be conveyed; something that web-based business application does.

14. Picking the Preferred Language

You need to give a progression of different dialects with the goal that the client can choose his primary language or local language and advantageously appreciate utilizing the application administrations and offers. The language choice must be included based on the locale where your primary target gathering of people is living.
For instance, for the Indian clients, you have to include all the major local dialects separated from English and Hindi.

15. 24×7 Assistance

This is one of the urgent highlights keeping in view the client’s needs. You have to offer assistance to your clients on the off chance that they face any issue identified with installment or some other administration. It would be obvious on the off chance that you add the virtual chatbot administration to all the more likely communicate with the clients.

16. Allude a Friend

This is a sort of special component or device where you ask or encourage the client to get the message out for your application for which he would be offered energizing offers and alluring limits on each exchange.

17. Application Settings

The application settings additionally turned out to be critical as it enables the client to tweak the application as indicated by his needs. This would include the profile settings, the installment settings, and the security settings and so on.

The Admin Panel

In the wake of examining the range of client related features, how about we currently center around what perspectives are significant from an administrator perspective.

1. The Dashboard

The Admin board has a solitary dashboard, which enables him to get data and information identified with all the enlisted clients. He can likewise see the constant application investigation and watch out for the warnings that are being sent.


2. Dealing with the User Profile

The activity of the application administrator is to deal with the profile of the user and furthermore deal with the everyday exchanges happening through the eWallet.

3. Fortifying the Security Element

Since you are the proprietor of an eWallet application, your duty improves in offering the powerful security with no trade-off on any expense. The security highlights and instruments should be checked on every once in a while and it must be guaranteed that every single private datum is exceedingly ensured.

4. Constant Analytics

It is significant for the administrator to remain refreshed with constant investigation in order to design further procedure. This implies he would realize what number of individuals are effectively utilizing the application and screen the execution of the application at normal interims.

5. Include and Block Users

The administrator has the sole appropriate to acknowledge or dismiss the enlistment of a client. He can hinder the client from utilizing the application on the off chance that he finds that the concerned individual is enjoyed illicit or misbehaviors, for example, hacking other individuals’ records.

Some Other Additional Features

Up until this point, you have acquainted with the principal features of the eWallet application. In any case, there are some progressively basic features that you shouldn’t neglect to consolidate while building up the mobile wallet application. These features will exceed expectations in the firm test and remain in front of your rivals.

1. Pop-up messages

The pop-up message is a key component that you essentially need to incorporate as it will help in sending significant notices to your clients concerning coupons, offers, and limits.
You likewise send convenient cautions to clients on the off chance that their eWallet is charged or credited. Additionally, make your clients mindful on not to share their secret word and card subtleties.

Pop Up Messages

Pop Up Messages
2. Geo-area

All things considered, geo-area feature, you can profit on two distinct fronts. Right off the bat, it encourages you to find the users who are in nearness and the clients can make a consistent exchange without squandering whenever.

3. Synchronization of Data

This is a fundamental component from the security perspective. You get your application synchronized with the user account.

4. Tokenization

This is one more significant component to support the security factor. It indicates just the OTC or One Time Code to the shippers on the off chance that any exchange is led from a record.

6. In-application Camera

The in-application camera is likewise a discernable element of the eWallet mobile application. It enables the client to send screen captures of installment as evidence and furthermore can be utilized as QR code examining.

The App Designing

The UI of the eWallet mobile application must be planned fastidiously. This is on the grounds that it is one of those applications, which can have an unpredictable interface because of the nearness of fluctuated choices in installment segment, revive, and booking of various tickets and so on. In this way, you should plan it considering straightforwardness and keep the functionaries as helpful as could be allowed.

Try not to blend the different fragments and make each element unmistakably noticeable. The text dimension of the substance ought to be picked cautiously.

The Backend Development

Next, you additionally need to consider the backend or the server-side advancement of the application. Ensure you are picking a vigorous stage and verified distributed computing design, which can store the humongous measure of information securely with no spillage issue.

The Cost of Developing eWallet Mobile App

Presently we go to the genuine inquiry. What amount does it cost to build up an eWallet application? You should know that there are various deciding elements that impact the application cost. It very well may be the application stage, the application structure, and mix of features, the MVP, application testing, and production.

Plus, that, the decision of application development company, the valuing model, and others perspectives additionally control the estimating of the application. In this way, to respond to your inquiry, an estimated expense for an eWallet application would extend around $25k – $50k.

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