While coders have always endorsed the dark black backdrop of computer terminals with flashy neon text since the 90s, nowadays with a screen in front of every eye, even average users are also favoring the dark version of apps and websites. But is it really that helpful? More importantly, should you invest your bucks for the same?

If you have seen Matrix, chances are that you recognize that black screen with some text written on it. Earlier, computer screens used to display text by bombarding rays on phosphor coated glass. Which would then shine in a fluorescent green light against the dark canvas. Like this!

matrix green lines wallpaper
matrix wallpaper
The infamous matrix wallpaper, even I don’t know what it shows!

That was a limitation, but today it is a choice. People feel more comfortable to gaze on a an app which shows text on a black backdrop than a simple black on white text. As smartphone usage increases, the dark mode helps in cutting down the eye strain. While also providing a more immersive experience.

Popularity of night mode

But is this useful and practical enough? While the lack of concrete study does leave it dangling, people favor it. So much that Apple announced a new update for both MacOS and iOS which includes a system wide dark mode. Microsoft’s Windows 10 also now supports a dark mode for most of its system apps. Google is planning a night mode for its upcoming Android Q. It has already introduced night mode for some of its popular apps, including – Google Photos, Google News and Calendar.

Other benefits

While night mode is more of aesthetic change, it also helps in conserving the battery life of the devices which uses LED displays. However this benefit is not available for other devices with LCD displays.

Sure, night mode seems a nice add-on, if done carefully only then it will make an easier experience for the app users.

Which apps should go for it?

It is not reasonable for all genres of apps to include a night mode in, but it is specially useful for apps which involve long sessions of reading. Example might include a news app, a blog app, etc. Other apps which can benefit more is photo-based apps. As displaying photos against a black background really makes them pop-out and bring them in user’s notice.

ios dark mode
dark mode in iOS

Deciding the dark UI of your app needs to be carefully done so as to maintain the integrity and brand value that the regular mode provides.

We at Terasol Technologies, strive to make apps that are easy to use and also easy on eyes. If you have a great idea, or want to make a dark version for your app feel free to contact us now!

Andhera kayam rahe!