Edtech App Development for CBS to offer Digitized Learning Experience For Students



CBS is a major publishing house that offer books and study materials for medical students. Although the client had a thriving publishing business, they realized the demand for quality online education and wanted to expand beyond providing hardcopy books to answer this market gap.

CBS had an incomplete app before they reached out to Terasol. With Edtech app development services, we helped CBS to implement its vision of offering a digitized learning experience by developing an app that allows students to order books and access digital study materials.





Completion Time

8 Months

Team Size

6 Members

Tech Stack







Target Devices




Android App Development For Low Bandwidth Areas

Since the app was meant for students, the client wanted to ensure that it was easily accessible for all. For this, our Edtech app development services developed it such that even students residing in lower bandwidth areas could access it with ease.


Unified Platform

The client wanted to create a unified platform where students could order books they need and access digital study material related to after subscribing.


Subscription Based Content Accessibility

The app was planned to provide students with study material on the basis of subscription. Once the student subscribes to a certain subject they can access the content related to it which includes videos, 3D tutorials, practice tests, etc.


Admin Panel

In order to ensure efficient management the client needed a fully functional admin panel. This would include functionalities such as content management, book inventory management, student accounts management, payments regulation features, etc.


Book Code Validation

To solve the piracy issue for hardcopy books, every book came with a unique code that can be validated through the app. Students can enter the unique code in the app to check whether they have an authentic copy produced by the publisher.


CBS team reached to us through our website. Among other vendors they finalised us because our solid experience in Edu Tech industry. We started this project with a team of 6 members including Project Manager, Technical Lead, Product Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and Android Developer. They also took Dev Ops services from us to set up their Amazon Cloud Infrastructure. We followed Agile approach with bi-weekly sprints to met their given deadlines. Project was completed before expected delivery as a resultant we acquired one more project from CBS team in EdTech domain.

Design System







What Terasol Delivered

Android App Development

Client took our Edtech app development services for this project and our team created a fully functional android application. The user could log in to the app purchase a book from CBS, subscribe to digital study material, and record their progress in it. The app sported overall six formats of digital study material including text, PDF, videos, FAQ, 3D graphics, etc.

E-commerce Functionality Integration

Our team also integrated eCommerce functionality into the iCentral app along with online payment processing system. This enabled CBS to sell their books through iCentral application and make their resources accessible to students.


Our Edtech app development team created iShelf to enable students in storing digital study material of the purchased books in one place to study and practice upon. Students could access the digital material by entering the unique book validation code that came with the physical copy.

AWS Cloud Integration

We used AWS cloud integration for storing the data. Since CBS had a large number of books published the cloud integration ensured easy upload of digital study material and secure access.