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Next Steps


Step 1

After you have finished discussing project requirements, an expert will conduct a preliminary review of your requirements and contact you within 24 hours with more information on our next steps.


Step 2

An Account Executive will then schedule a meeting to collect precise needs, establish your business goals, set up expectations and discuss market segmentation.


Step 3

Following that, our Business Analyst will create an exhaustive project blueprint, as well as a final estimate and an action plan for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sign NDA for clients who wish to keep their project details confidential?

Yes, we will sign an NDA at any stage of the development process according to your needs. For highly confidential projects we can sign NDA even before starting our first discussion with your representatives.

Do I own the rights for my application’s codebase?

Yes, after the completion of the development process, we will hand over the intellectual rights along with the necessary credentials to ensure the accessibility of the codebase. It will allow you to have easy customization for scaling your business features in the long run.

How do you manage communication across different time zones?

Our development teams work from the office on regular office timings. However, when it comes to coordination for your project, we will work around timings that are comfortable for both parties. To ensure we have consistent communication with you, we follow the following steps:

  • During the first project discussion, we will set the timings for meetings after a proper discussion with you.
  • We will dedicate specific hours to create your project, it will allow you to have better access to the overall progress.
  • Lastly, we will also maintain a dedicated channel on Slack for your projects. Here you can easily track the progress reports.

How many in-house developers do you have for development purposes?

We have 35+ skilled developers in our team. Our development team can craft various business solutions such as mobiles apps, SAAS solutions, eCommerce sites, websites, and web applications. Apart from developers, we also have dedicated teams for product designing and quality analysis to provide you with 360-degree development support.

Do you assist with the project launch?

Yes, we also take care of the project deployment part to ensure your product is running smoothly. Be it App Store launch, Play Store launch, or server deployment, our custom development services see through the project completion process till the end.

What are the ways for my company to hire your development services?

Our development service model is quite flexible and can cater to a wide range of business needs. Here’s a list of different hiring models that we provide for our clientele:

  • Staff Augmentation: For hiring a team or developer for your project off-shore, you can use our staff augmentation services. In this, we will provide you with a dedicated team or developer for your project whom you can manage independently. 

  • Built-Transferrable Product: If your business requires a readymade product that you can directly market, you can adapt to our Built-Transferrable Product model. In this, we will create your product from scratch and hand it over to your brand when it’s ready. 

  • Managed Services: For projects that need ongoing maintenance and support after successful deployment we offer Managed Service. In this, a dedicated team member can help you craft your solution and manage its data, upgrades for the long run. 

How can I choose the right development company for my project?

Choosing the right development team can be overwhelming if it’s your first time with custom development services. However, making the right choice is crucial for ensuring successful project completion. For this, you should always ask the right questions before signing a deal, it includes: 

  • Details about the project development process: Is it transparent? Do they consider feedbacks during the development process? Will you have rights to your project’s codebase? 

  • Ask them about their development flow: Tools they use for project management, the software they use to maintain constant communication, their work schedule, plan for coordination, etc.

  • Information about their portfolio: This includes going through case studies, Upwork portfolio, reviews, medium account, etc.  

  • Comparison with other companies: Before hiring a dedicated team, you should consult different organisations and compare the estimation for finding the right fit for your business.

What if I need changes even after the product launch?

In case you need changes even after the product’s launch, you can reach out to our project manager at any time and book a meeting to discuss the changes you need. We also provide support for app management needs in the form of app maintenance. In this, you will have a dedicated team of developers whom you can reach out to for instant assistance.

How much do you charge for the whole development process?

There is no fixed price for the development process. The pricing depends on a variety of factors such as project size, the complexity of features, your budget, technology being used, etc. However, we apply three pricing models to help our clients access affordable software development services. 

  • Fixed Price: If you have a concise project roadmap with a fixed budget, feature list, etc. we will use a fixed pricing model. Here you will have to pay us a fixed amount of money for the development of your project.

  • Time and Material: If your project has an evolving feature requirement we’ll apply the time and material model. It has flexible pricing according to the time dedicated to your project development.  

  • Dedicated Team: This pricing model helps us provide dedicated support for large-scale project development. In this, you will pay for the time and energy of the dedicated development team or developer we have assigned for your project development.

Do you provide support after successful project completion?

Yes, we provide complete support even after project completion. Our team will assist you with project deployment and ongoing maintenance processes as well. Further, we will always have your project details in our database. So, you can reach out to us at any time for further expansion and updates.

Does your development team provide maintenance and support even after the development?

Yes, our development team also provides maintenance and support after the development process. It will ensure technical assistance accessibility at just a click whenever there is an issue with your solution. Also, it facilitates easy scalability and customization for growing business needs. 


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