Delivering a new direction to fashion eCommerce app development for Vircon.

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Vircon is a fashion eCommerce application with VR-based trial rooms. Our client thought to take the family business on an online eCommerce platform to compete in the digital era.

Vircon reached out to Terasol for creating an eCommerce app to help her in branding and selling self-designed apparel and wanted to reach a much wider audience. To stand out in the market, the client wanted a female-centric application, without compromising the trial & buy habit, just like Lenskart.






Completion Time

1 Year

Team Size

Varied from 6 to 9

Tech Stack









Target Devices




Mobile App Development

The client wanted us to build both Android and iOS native applications to avoid performance issues and reach a wider audience. A platform that is user-friendly and easy to find all of their products. She also wanted to develop some enhanced features like a virtual trail room to be distinct from others.


Admin Panel

The client wanted to synchronize its inventory with a third-party distributor, integrated with cost-effective shipping options, order management, payment and user management, etc. to ensure a one-stop solution for all the online business activities.


Virtual Trial Room

A platform-independent virtual trial room to give unbelievable twists to digital shopping to deliver an immersive customer experience and satisfy next-generation users.


Consistent UI/ UX Across Platform

To create a strong brand identity from offline stores that reflects the core of their brand and should enable users to explore and trust their collection. She wanted to have identical, personalized, and consistent UI components for Android, iOS, and web apps to ensure a consistent user experience and smooth navigation.


This eCommerce app development project consisted of huge number of features so we broke it down into three phases within the agile project management approach. Our team consisted of a Project Manager, Tech Lead, Product Designer, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, QA, and DevOps engineer.

In the first phase, we created the Backend and Web Applications of the project which took us almost 5 months. The backend contains APIs required for Frontend and Database architecture. Wherein Web Application included Web Portal for end-users and Admin Panel for the client and their team for data management and reporting. Our Product Design team finalized personalized brand designs parallel during the first phase.



The second phase, we started with native Android and iOS applications. Meanwhile, our QA team continued testing Web Applications and APIs. We also started the main and unique feature of this application i.e. Virtual Trial room. This phase lasted for 3 months.

In the Delivery phase, we released the Alpha version and then the Beta version to get the user feedback from the selected group of users. This phase majorly consisted of bug fixes and add-on features based on initial user feedback. Due to continuous user feedback and change orders, we got delayed by two months for the delivery but in the end, both parties were satisfied.