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Game Development
The inception of mobile gaming has rejigged the game development companies and have accustomed users towards the approach to use the latest digital devices especially smartphones, wearables, tablets, PDAs, etc. It has opened a gateway to a whole new level of entertainment, enticing a vast set of audience. Entertainment has now become omnipresent, giving gamers the opportunity to switch to mobile games instead of conventional platforms. These audiences and gamers made Terasol Technologies emerge as the most promising and one of the leading mobile game development company.

Terasol is proud to have artists and programmers who specialize in various forms of graphics; from cosmic-style 2D art to photorealistic 3D models. Our graphics team can create and execute art that makes every game app distinct and unforgettable. The web pages created by Terasol’s team ensure that they are nothing less than market-centric and revenue-generating solutions.

We believe in innovation, uniqueness as well as creativity. This has helped us achieve global heights in the field of technical developments and web designing. Terasol is known for providing effective and functionally supreme gaming apps that not only run on various platforms smoothly but also succeed in keeping the user hooked to the screens.
We have team of passionate designers and developer specialized in developing games for iOS and Android mobile platforms using popular game engines. We have extensive experience in using tools and technologies to build games that support cross-platform.
Art, design & animation
Our pool of creative and talented visualizers pay strong emphasis on the graphics, UI, gaming assets required for 2D experience as well as 3D assets used for mobile games. Isometric 3D mobile games are also generated at Terasol. Our team is skilled and efficient in developing tools for animations and mobile friendly games for the budding Generation Z and the Millennial audience.
Each developer at Terasol understands that the UX/UI design must be logically and visually appealing to the user to produce the best user experience. This is ensured by optimizing and ideating on the color, fonts and the gaming buttons. As one of the pioneering gaming app development company, Terasol is sensitive towards what the user sees in the game and how well is the retentive power of the game.
Coding & development
Our experienced team of developers are skilled and trained in popular and trending game development engines such as Unity, Unreal, Cocos2d, Cocos-JS and HTML5, Angular JS, Three.JS, JavaScript framework etc. Using these tools and technology, our developers create a native and cross-platform gaming apps. All technical requirements are met using these technologies to provide you with a resourceful game that kindles an out-of-the-world experience for your users.
The enhanced experience and skill of our testing team promises to provide you with quality assurance, longevity, and a robust gaming atmosphere. The mobile game testing by our team is performed for both Android as well as iOS platforms and makes sure there is no hindrance in the performance, gameplay, screen orientations, resolutions, social integration, and device compatibility to come up with an efficient and interesting gaming experience.


Working with Terasol has been a pleasure, The team has the workload perfectly divided into sections from start to end. They understand your requirements in detail, and the project team provides with what you need exactly, turning your idea into actual creation.

Usha Sharma
It is rare to find companies that respect the viewpoint and space of the customer to this extent. The team of Terasol Technologlies went into the fine details of the website with great patience. Since the website is devoted to children and their self-expression, the struck a wonderful balance between aesthetics and clarity. I am proud of the outcome and would highly recommend their services.
Manmeet Narang
Owner at Sailing Leaf

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