Hello guys,

Well in this blog I am about to share a short story with you on the importance of validation. Its not as good as the endgame, but there was some time-travel involved and some realities changed.

A while back, I was given a task to make a simple website with a sort of form for some eCommerce. I did the task as quickly and efficiently as I could and reported it to my mentor. He was very happy with the work and I received some praises as well (this is very important).

The next day my mentor checked the website again and found that I had not applied any validation on the mobile number field of the form. He was very disappointed in me. I did receive some scolding but fortunately, no severing of the head takes place with me (Spoiler warning). I did receive a warning of being thrown into the Quantum Realm and not coming back for like forever.

The story gets to the conclusion that validation is very much important to it name or email fields. I rechecked all my previous projects for any same errors on my part (See I told you there is time travel involved) and swore never to repeat this again.

So, in order to help you out with that, I have some libraries named out in order to save you from such blunder.

Some of them are:-
  • Jquery Validation Plugin
  • Validate.js
  • Parsley.js
  • Verify.js
  • Just Validate
  • Pop up validation
  • okJS
  • form validation js
  • pristine

So, did any of you face the same problems. Do let me know in the comments below. We should always learn from our mistakes and never repeat them again.

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So, until next time.

Sanjay Pandey