From API integration to ARKit solutions — our extensive expertise in iOS mobile app development and Swift will help you meet the high demands of Apple’s fans.
iPhone App Development
Today, iPhone enjoys more than 700 million users worldwide. For enterprises, it has become a powerful tool to drive business revenues and target this huge quality hungry audience. In a quest to meet the ever-changing business requirements and customer expectations, iPhone app developers have to evolve and work around to integrate these latest iPhone app development techniques.

Terasol has expertise in fabricating glorious iOS applications for your phones, iPads and even your Apple Watches. The designs are magnificently elegant and project attractive sophistication. Alongside this, the extraordinary user experience paired with intelligently curated user design has been formulated through innovative and enterprising technological skills. The team at Terasol which is skilled and trained in the futuristic app development technology ensures that foolproof user experience is achieved. This amazing iOS application is built using developing models emerging from computing languages such as C and Objective-C or Swift, out of many more.
iOS Development Approach
Our unique approach to iOS app development has resulted in award-winning products that have been downloaded and used by millions.
Specialized IOS Developers
Terasol is enriched with a team of iPad and iPhone application developers who have expertise in iOS app development techniques and skills.
All Code In-House
We ensure not a single code is taken from an external source. Terasol plans and generates original codes which are formulated by our in-house coders at our Terasol office.
Custom Agile Process
Custom agile process is followed for all iOS app development processes as it minimizes risk, maximizes velocity as well as promotes transparency which is good for you.
End-To-End Service
Terasol provides in-house consultation and product strategy. We also provide end-to-end services such as UX/UI design development, the required testing and the consequential technical delivery of all these services.
App Store Deployment
Terasol handles, manages and proudly operates to provide you with the complete App Store services which include listing, descriptions, and assets.
Maintenance & Support
Terasol offers packages with attractive maintenance and support which compliment our iOS development services. This will help you be on top of your app upgrade and updates.
Our Tools
The team at Terasol is equipped with functional knowledge in Swift which is a versatile, upcoming and powerful computing language. Swift works best for iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS. Our tactful team of developers has experience in formulating fantastic iOS applications that work well on all your iOS-powered devices.
Objective C
Earlier, all iOS apps were using Objective C which has now taken a back seat after the introduction of the programing language of Swift as it is compatible with the newer versions of iOS applications. Our team of professional developers is skilled sharply in Objective C and they clearly understand the depth and technicalities of both the languages. Objective C allows the professionals to regularly update codes and elements to make sure the app is foolproof.
Tersol app experts use XCODE to develop software that supports Apple devices, from iPhones and Apple TV. XCODE is powerful for supporting Swift as well as Objective C as it ideal for editing, compiling as well as customizing the app layouts. XCODE also helps in developing UI layouts that give your app a rich and sophisticated feel.
Test flight is a tool that allows our developers to make the final check on your app before it is ready to be launched in the App Store. The tool is equipped to invite over 10,000 users which can give us valuable and user-generated feedback. Testflight helps give your app the imperative final touches that can help it attain maximum ease of using.

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