You had an awesome idea, got an Android app built for it and amazingly it reached to a large amount of users. As with any software, there are always bugs which might lead to crashes on some of the user’s devices. Key lies in how early these can be ironed out.

Building a quality Android app ensures that it provides a rich and easy experience. It also translates to how quickly can the maintenance iterations be executed. While one never know when an app’s user base might explode, keeping that in mind, it is only beneficial for the app to be scalable for huge user base.

scrum board for android app

A well planned & documented approach goes a long way

Let’s discuss the various properties, that will ensure your app is built for scale from ground up:

1) Modularity

Android development encourages modularization. Modularization ensures that one feature of the app can be worked upon separately. Thus ensuring that the bug or crash source can be easily isolated and worked upon. This also helps in dividing the work of app to different teams such as design, networking, local storage, etc.

2) Testable

In production level apps, the actual development comprises only of 30%. The other 70% of the app development process goes to testing and debugging. This shows how important role testing plays in the development cycle. Which is why, a quality android app should always be checked against a set of test cases after each iteration. The quality of testcases also matters. Test cases should be written in such a way that it is able to check-out every aspect of the app, from the core business logic to the actual usability.

Validating against test cases ensures that any new functionality, doesn’t affect the already working parts of the app. If modularized, each module can also be tested to ensure even more robustness!

3) Localization

With a huge user base, chances are that it comprises of users of many regions and languages. Localizing your app for these users will ensure that your app has high penetration in their area. Hence contributing to downloads.

4) Accessibility

Some users who are physically handicapped or disabled, find it difficult to use their mobile phones for day to day tasks. Android provides ways for them to make the most of their mobile phones using so called accessibility-features. Making your app’s content compatible for such user cases will definitely add up for your app’s user base and also the rating on the Playstore.

5) Documentation

As the app’s functionality increases, it becomes even more important to document the app’s structure and user/data flow. This helps in cases such as transfer of development process or to help business team understand the workflow, etc.

With Android being such a popular mobile platform, it runs on many different devices from tons of different manufacturers. Because of these 2 factors, every quality Android app, should be ready to tackle any types of issues, be it a bug or some device specific crashes. Only after maintaining this can the true benefits of Android’s popularity be leveraged.

At Terasol, we make sure to maintain the standard of our apps even on tight deadlines, and you can be assured that we can take care of all these requirements for your project, not just on Android but also on other platforms. Get in touch if you have an amazing idea that you would like to build upon!