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Usually, people carry their phones whenever they go outside the home, so having an option of internet shopping in their mobile phones makes their lives easier.

Most likely, mobile applications growth has shown increasing graph year on year. As per the studies, the worldwide e-commerce business incomes was 184 billion U.S dollars in 2014 and is predicted to achieve 669 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

That is the reason mobile app developers never rely upon in-application purchases to monetize their applications and began concentrating on banner advertisements and native promotions. According to Harris study, 95% of the U.S. population is inclined towards free applications, according to affluent consumers, this percentage has increased i.e 96% of people prefer free apps.

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In the year 1994, the first Banner ad was published. Based on the Nielsen study, Banner advertisement helped organizations to grow 26.3 %.

But, in spite of this achievement, the inquiry, how to develop monetize mobile application still a worry of numerous app developers. In this article, we will talk about four essential approaches to endeavor to profit as a developer i.e.

  • Sell your app
  • Sell in-app purchases
  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ads

While the principal choice is outstanding and unambiguous and yet, it’s a most troublesome technique to make progress. Before talking about previously mentioned focuses on points of interest, we should examine what precisely mobile monetization is?

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What is a mobile monetization: how to profit with your mobile apps!

Concocting an inventive thought for your versatile application and making that vision into a truth is only the foundation of the application. Regardless of whether your portable application has been live, it’s never past the point where it is possible to adopt the monetize mobile application! Application adaptation is the very same how it sounds like how to get income from an application.

Global Paid-for mobile app revenues from 2011 to 2017, in million U.S. dollars
Global Paid-for mobile app revenues from 2011 to 2017, in million U.S. dollars, Source: Statista 

Take a gander at the worldwide mobile application improvement income information accumulated by App Annie.

In 2015 – $70 billion

In 2016 – $88 billion

By 2020 – will reach $189 billion

(Source: Statista)

Picking the best monetization system which is reasonable for your application can influence improvement and influence both income and client acknowledgment.


How to choose the correct monetization model for your App?

We should not follow any of the available monetization models. While developing an app monetization model, an owner ought to pose a couple of inquiries at the beginning stage:

  • What advantage does your application give?
  • Does it serve a need?
  • What special highlights does your application give?
  • Time expected to connect new clients
  • What is your focused on crowd

Hope now you got a thought of monetization model and how to pick it right. It’s an ideal opportunity to talk about fundamental monetization routes in detail.



It’s an incredible method to adopt monetize mobile application in the meekest way. Nowadays users do not have to deal with the advertisements in their app. These advertisements in apps effects user experience. Instead companies these days are more focusing on in-app purchases.

For the most part, clients will download the applications that are free, which implies organizations have a significant chance to expand the transformation rate by offering connecting with extra substance at their desired cost.

According to research, in-application purchases has resulted in the highest revenue generator. This technique has aroused 76% income in the App Store in February 2013 and over 90% for some Asian nations.

Regardless of these advantages, in-app purchases do possess some disadvantages in the business model. For the most part in-application purchases done by a little segment of the client base of a specific application.

Developers who use this technique have limited open doors as there are few users who go for in-app purchases. What if these users move onto another application, the application will lose gainfulness. So before relying upon in-application buys, remember that it not ensured cash.

But, alternate options are a topic of debate and offer flexibility and options to brands to increase their recognition. When we come to discuss advertisements, banner ads have dominated native ads. But we cannot ignore the impact of native promotions.



The underlying foundations of local promotion’s stretch back a century, when daily papers and radio stations were the principle wellsprings of commercial, Native advertisements yell out its essence incredibly.

Native advertisements show up as a piece of the plan of the website page on which they are put. It noticeable as supported posts in web-based life news sources or as postings in indexed lists on web crawlers, for example, Google or Bing.

Initially, native ads caused controversy as masters think that it would cause journalism to collapse. But in 2013, the ASA in U.K. issued act that the new practice of native fell under the existing “CAP Code”.

The native advertisement has turned into a perfect technique for presenting the brand in front of a group. Viewers not only watch native ads but also pay more attention as compared to banner ads.

As per the Sharethrough think about,52% of people easily understand native ads and they also contribute to uplift brands than display ads. Also in 2016, native ads hold a 56% share of online advertising in the US and predicted to rise to 74% by 2021.

Ace of Native-promotion Conno Christou said that – Facebook is a king of the mobile advertising industry. It is master in utilizing native advertisements and as of late Twitter additionally began utilizing it to expand its clients.

Prior to putting resources into native advertisements, you’ll have to see precisely what native publicizing is and how you can use it to get the most ideal online permeability.


Banner promotions are the picture based well-known type of site publicizing. It encourages organizations to advance their image or potentially to get guests from the host site to go to the sponsor’s site.

Banner promotions are planned to produce movement through a site by associating it with the arrangement.

This promoting technique is otherwise called showcase advertisements as it comprises static pictures, vivified pictures or media. Standard promotions more appealing than the local advertisements and help brands to achieve their intended interest group, produce leads and re-focus on a crowd of people.

Traditional advertisement, just the technique by which the promoter pays the host is extraordinary. In the standard advertisement the host is paid through one of three techniques:

  • Cost Per Impression
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Action

Today, the normal active visitor clicking percentage for a banner advertisement is under 1% yet the principal AT&T banner promotion recorded an astounding 43% CTR. These promotions are totally outside to the application and feel malicious to the clients.


Banner ads work in the same way as the banners outside the shops do. Both intend to influence clients to enter the shop by creating an identity and interest.

The principle point of banner promotions is to create an activity to a site by connecting it with the particular arrangement. Be that as it may while planning these flag promotions you have to center around its substance and generally structure else it won’t work as indicated by your desires.



In this powerful industry, nothing is ever set, but, in this propelled pace mobile application users are developing and turn out to be further developed so versatile application developers should be prepared with the arrangements that fulfill their clients’ needs and extinguished as could be allowed. What do you think? Which monetization model will win the mobile revolution?

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