Tracking working hours made easy and efficient

easy to use

Since a workplace contains people of all age groups, the apps modest and adaptive layout will have users learn their way around it in no time.

Awesome design

The app gives attention to detail with sleek graphics. This, when infused with responsive UI makes the user experience a pleasant one.


Helps users keep a track of their ongoing tasks, mark their progress as well as keep a track of their number of working hours coherently.


The app lets you maintain your own profile which can be shared with your peers and put up display pictures for a more personalized experience.


Aeons is a revolutionary app that replaces old manual punch clocks and time sheets and breaks the monotony of attendance registers and other additional hardware.

Take a Look Around our App

Aeons not only tracks attendance but also is an engaging app that keeps logs of ongoing tasks and completed projects. Initiated as an internal app for the company’s growing employee strength it has received raving reviews.

Every time you start your work by clocking in your time you are welcomed by an array of customized services according to your tasks and projects that are not just pleasing to the eyes but also helps you effectively manage your work.


Simple yet effective way to manage your tasks and time.


Login to aeons using our secure authentcation system. Hasslefree login in just a few clicks.

Monitor Pay Cycle

Clock in and out of your smartphone rather manually punching into boring attendance machines.

Allocate Projects

Team leads can assign projects and tasks to the team and keep a check its progress.

Tab Work Hours

With appealing graphics keep a tab of your working days against time spent in office.

Awesome Features

An app to make your work life more professional and efficient.

Easy clocking in and out

With just a few clicks users can clock in their time of work and clock out by submitting a summary of their work at the end of their day.

Real time notifications

Employers get notifications whenever an employee clocks in or out as well as on the completion of their tasks.


Users can personalize the app by making their own profile with their own display pictures.

Easy Tracking work hours

Users can track the number of hours and number days they have worked in a monthly cycle.

Easy Project Tracking

Superiors can assign projects to the team and keep a track on how much has been completed as well as share the tasks with peers.

practical and Interactive

Simple UI makes the app user friendly across a wide age group. Attractive design make the app all the more appealing.

APP Screenshots

User interface of aeons

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