Checking vehicles and managing database simplified

easy to use

Since not the entire population is accustomed to using apps, VCDS has been made with conscious effort to keep it simple and understandable.

Awesome design

Attractive designs not only keep the users engaged but also contribute towards simplicity of the app. Appealing graphics make the app contemporary.


The app is tailored for traffic police authorities and day to day problems faced by them due to manual data collection.


VCDS takes the agenda of a digital India forward and puts the traffic Police of India on the digital map.

Take a Look Around our App

VCDS is a simple yet effective app to use. It is designed keeping in mind that the majority of its users are beginners when it comes to using various mobile applications. There are many problems due to manual data collection and many loopholes. VCDS aims to make the data collected every day by thousands of officers manageable.

Information such as vehicle’s registration number, model, color, license and insurance number is uploaded to the database from where stolen or undocumented vehicles can easily be identified.


Straightforward. Uncomplicated. Effortless.


Login with our secured portal and create your profile with your display picture, name, rank and checkpoint number.


Enter other details of the vehicle like vehicle number, driver’s name, model of the car etc.


The app lets you upload photos of the car, license number and registration number. The details get synced with the database of the area.


Data entered are stored in the app in uncluttered logs that can be accessed at any time. They are can also be viewed from the main database as soon as they get uploaded.

Awesome Features

A humble app dreaming to help the Indian traffic police.

Functional Design

Practical designing has been done to make the navigation and uploading pictures simple for its users.

Vehicle Alert

Apps activated in the radius assigned to them also get real time alerts on missing and stolen vehicles.

Real-time Syncing

Information uploaded by the user is synced immediately to the database and can be accessed at any time.

Neat Logs

All data uploaded are stored in the app as organized logs with time and date. These also can be viewed from the app or the database at any time.

Geo Fencing

It allows for a radius to be fixed on a coordinate by the headquarters and vehicle checking by the app can be done in only that radius.


Reports can be generated based on the logs stored in the app. These reports can be viewed on the app or the database by the headquarters.

APP Screenshots

User Interface of VCDS

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