All of us might have played a game at some point in our life, rather be it on consoles or a laptop or even on a mobile device. The gaming industry has advanced a lot since the days of playing Mario or Dave. Nowadays, the games being created are content-rich, story-driven and extremely rich in graphics.

Most of these games can only be played with a high-end graphics card for epic resolution and frame rates. Another way to play these games is via a console. There are 2 major consoles available in the market namely, Sony PS4 and Microsoft XBOX.

Now coming to the title of this blog, Google has launched a streaming service for playing these high-end games or AAA games as we call them called Project Stream. The benefit of such a service is that you would now be able to play these high-end games on the Google Chrome Browser. Just like any other software, the Project Stream has some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to play games via this platform –

  • Minimum of 15Mbps speed internet connection required.
  • Laptop or Desktop with Google Chrome installed.
  • 17 years or older
  • US citizen to participate

The Project Stream is in its beta program right now and the only game playable right now is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game is completely available right now only until the beta program is closed i.e. January 15th, 2019.

A lot of people might be happy with this service. Those who have not been able to play games because of the lack of consoles or a gaming laptop or desktop. Now let us all hope for the successful launch of this service and that they add more games to their deck.

Such an idea has made us all think what might be the next step for the gaming industry. So until next time, keep playing and happy coding.

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