Quality Assurance


In this vast app market, millions of apps are just lying around. Your customers are aiming to download only the best apps. They are looking for beautiful UX, seamless integrations, intuitive interfaces, and a valuable concept. All these factors are encompassed in one word that is Quality Assurance (QA).

Terasol understands and emulates top notch testing and quality to ensure that your app is in the perfect shape, ready to be loved by your users. Our professional QA team does a comprehensive analysis and testing to make a foolproof application that is bug-free, fully-functional and has nothing less than amazing user experience.

Our certified quality assurance and the testing team puts in a lot of hard work to ensure the viability of your application in each and every platform and implement only the right testing strategy. We like to keep up with the continuously evolving trends in mobile and web applications and upgrade our testing strategies accordingly. This is why Terasol testing department enjoys a high reputation among its clients and businesses.


Functionality Testing
Our team of Quality analysts is rigorously working to ensure a world-class quality for our clients. They perform a comprehensive testing process including testing user commands, user screens, searches, data management, business steps & processes and flawless integrations.
Compatibility Testing
Our hardware operating systems (Android, iOS), database, browser, network, devices bandwidth handling capacity and certification testing are available in our compatibility testing services.

Performance Testing
Delivering a reliable and secure application is Terasol’s mission. We do not leave any stone unturned and use various ground-breaking tools and technologies available to perform load and stress testing on the application.
Security Testing
Terasol’s team of quality analyst spearhead security testing processes across a large number of mobile apps including native, web, and hybrid. We make security testing economical and bug free thereby maximizing the performance of your apps.
Usability Testing
We aim to deliver a flawless app performance and an exceptional user experience. Our adept team is good at identifying performance loopholes and obliterating the issues completely. The result is reflected in the outstanding applications that our customers receive.
Web Service Testing
Our proficient team of testers leverage the latest game-changing automated web services testing tool and deliver award-winning applications that demonstrate superb interaction and smooth interfaces.

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