Building a Cross-Platform Reporting App for Insurance Specialists



SLK Bima Brokers have been in the insurance sector for the last two decades. They are the one-stop solution for insurance and have a sophisticated system in place to handle their operations.

Their .NET-based system has been quite effective. The system has been with their company for over a decade and has matured into a charming one. But there were a few gaps to fill.

Government entities play an important role in the insurance market because laws and regulations are constantly updated.

When SLK approached us and stated that they require a cross-platform mobile app for their POS team to help them with reporting and analytics. As government guidelines were involved, our technical lead went into a ticking time bomb.






Completion Time

5 months

Team Size


Tech Stack

SLK-Tech-Stack-01 (1)


SLK-Tech-Stack-02 (1)


Target Devices




App Development

Build a fast-loading and user-friendly mobile application for their in-house Point-of-sales (POS) team. This was to enable their POS team to track their business targets and be updated about the dynamic government guidelines of the insurance market.


Specialized Reporting Feature

Understanding insurance rules and keeping a tab that each of these is followed consistently without fail was an utmost priority of this application. In this feature they wanted the POS team to be able to view their business reports and the government guidelines easily.



A platform to track the business and individual growth of POS team members, they wanted a dashboard that is easy to navigate. In this dashboard for the POS team, they had features to show analytics of sales and achievements. Independent virtual trial room to give unbelievable twists to digital shopping to deliver an immersive customer experience and satisfy next-generation users.



Versioning is another important step needed by SLK as they want their POS team to be updated with every update released by the company.


The development of reporting app for the Insurance POS team was long yet short journey. This project was led by our CTO along with, a Senior Backend Developer, App Developer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Engineer, and a Quality Analyst.

Well, in the first phase we went through the client’s existing server and system architecture. Along with this our team started working on UI designs of the application according to the client’s needs.

While working we have known the complexities, so we kept regular meet up with SLK, visited their premises, and attended various sessions with their staff members understanding insurance terms and rules.

Once we developed the application dashboard UI, calculator, and other features, we started the last phase of working on server APIs and integrating the application with the client’s legacy system. The journey was smooth as having technical support from SLK, system architecture knowledge, DB structure, server configuration, domain experience, and constant support led to the development of a user-friendly mobile application.