Digital Application Suite to Help Bill Transform and Digitize the Day-to-day operations of the restaurant industry 

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The Bill Project is a part of Comet Group. They already had powerful design products and wanted to develop restaurant management software for it. It would empower food and restaurant establishments to digitize their business operations and improve their services.

The client initially reached out to Terasol for the restaurant management software development. They were impressed with our project development plan and got on board right after the initial discussion.





Completion Time

2 Years

Team Size


Tech Stack

Angular-tools used in bill-


Ract-tools used in bill-06

React Js

Angular-tools used in bill-


Nodes-js-tools used in bill-07


Ract-tools used in bill-06

React Native

kotlin-tools used in bill-08




expo-tools used in bill


Target Devices



For successful completion, we worked on a dedicated team model. It consisted project manager, business analyst, UI/UX designer, tech leads, developers, QA and DevOps engineers, and solution architect. For transparent and consistent communication we used slack.

The project had three phases. During the first phase, we worked on the core architecture of the Backoffice and Android-based Totem applications for menu display and ordering for 8 months.

For the second phase, we also started building a web app and different mobile applications while continuing on Back Office remaining and addon features. This phase took 8 months to complete.

For the final phase, we extended the team bandwidth for this project to complete multiple applications for mobile, web, tablet, and touch-based totem devices. We implemented WebSockets to support real-time data transfer between devices to lags and delays. We used Expo in react native application for cross-device instant installation. We also have performed integrations with Paygreen Payment Gateway, Thermal Printer for bills, Zelty cash register, QR Code Reader, etc.

We have made the architecture flexible, efficient, and relevant and allowed us to ensure the needed level of security.

Design System





What we delivered


Kiosk/Tablet/Web Display App(Digital Menu)

The Client planned to revotunalize the way restaurants showcased their menu with a clean and interactive digital menu. Instead of waiting for someone to bring in the menu, with this app customers can view the menu on the installed devices instantly making the restaurant's services more accessible.


Immersive Marketplace

With an efficient, easy to navigate, and theme consistent marketplace developed by us merchants can easily find the right matches and experts can efficiently register themselves for getting featured. The marketplace app flow makes it easy for both merchants and experts to navigate through.


Staff Production/Order taking App

To ensure the complete digitization of the restaurant operations the client needed a staff production app that will sync the orders and notify the back office/kitchen of the order details. The app would sport multichannel processing, which will sync orders for takeaway, onsite, and delivery at one place that the restaurant staff would manage and process accordingly.


Bill BackOffice

To ensure that digitization of restaurant operations empowers restaurant owners to expand their business and have better administrative access. They needed a back-office application, this single interface application would allow restaurant owners to:

  • Manage content of every application from a single interface
  • Visualize the performance data for making data-driven decision
  • Supervise multiple point of sales globally
Split App

Bill Split App

The Split App allows customers to split their food bill and pay individually with their choice of payment method and get individual receipts instantly as well. It makes payment processing hassle-free for customers and streamlines the customer experience.


Bill Drive Through App

The client also wanted a drive-through app where the customer can digitally place an order, pay for it, and receive their food at designated checkpoints to ensure a smooth drive-through ordering experience.

Our Unique Accomplishments

QR Code Functionality

Our team at Terasol added QR code capabilities. Customers can scan the QR code to access the menu, browse through it, and place an order. This makes it easier to provide location-specific menus for restaurants that operate in multiple locations.

PayGreen Payment Gateway Integration

To empower customers to make secure and prompt payments our team integrated Paygreen payment gateway. It allows customers to make payments for their food orders with their choice of payment option.

Solutions Designed For Versatile Businesses

Bill App was developed to help restaurant owners of every size in digitizing their backend operations. The simplistic app flow and easy to manage admin panel made it possible for independent restaurant owners, retail food businesses, large scale franchises, and chain restaurants to digitize their operations and offer