Smartphone penetration in Singapore has reached around 78 per cent, which shows that it’s now a leading country for the use of smartphones and mobile apps. In 2017 the number of smartphone users in Singapore was 4.27 million and this is expected to reach 4.58 million by 2021, as statistics by Statista suggest. The top mobile apps in Singapore in different categories form a major part of the smartphone users.

But what is really keeping Singaporeans hooked onto their mobile devices? A study conducted and published in 2019 showed that most of them use it to access search engines, social media and streaming videos. Apart from this, around half of the total users took a keen interest in clicking pictures and setting alarms. Hence it is not surprising that smartphone use has moved in the upward direction in the previous years.

This intensity and frequency attached to Singaporeans’ use of smartphones open up infinite avenues for businesses to reach out to potential or repeat customers. Let us dive in deeper to understand which mobile apps made it to the top in various categories in Singapore smartphone market.


Just like any other smartphone crazed up nation, Singapore too loves their game apps. There have been a number of games that have captured the imagination and entertained users a lot. Here’s a look at the top mobile apps in Singapore in the games category.

8 Ball Pool

This game is by far the most popular globally, as well as in Singapore mobile app games market. It allows you to compete with millions of players on the multiplayer network. Additionally, you can challenge friends, take part in tournaments or battle 1v1. As you gradually level up, exciting rewards such as cues and new tables will be unlocked.

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Carrom Pool

Another brilliant game in which you can play the beloved game of carrom, with a unique twist. Challenge your friends or even go solo offline for playing disc pool, or classic carrom. Each match you win will reward you with victory chests and new pucks, that you can use to advance to higher levels.

Dream League Soccer 2020

Get into the game and build your dream team from across more than 3500 licensed players. Once done, you can play against top-class soccer clubs. As you keep playing, your division rank will improve. Dream league soccer has 3D motion-captured moves, interesting game commentary, customization options among other features.


Productivity apps are at the second spot with approximately 10% of all apps falling under this category. Smartphones have evolved a lot since their inception in 2008 and can now handle many complex business tasks on the fly. This is exactly what these mobile apps do.

The top mobile apps in Singapore in the business category are as follows:

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Zoom has become extremely famous among organizations, due to its performance and support for many features. You can join a video conference with a maximum of 100 participants, with high resolution, pixel perfect video experience, along with a screen sharing feature. This app combines the facility of video meetings, group messaging and much more in a unified app.


When it comes to finding business opportunities, job search, professional networking or business news, LinkedIn is the perfect place. You can create a free account and stay up to date with target companies, follow various influencers, connect with your business contacts and apply for desired jobs.

jobsDB SG

This app focuses entirely on job search for Singapore based positions. You can find a variety of openings such as contract jobs, part-time jobs, casual jobs, holiday jobs, freelancing jobs, temporary jobs and work from home. With jobsDB, you won’t miss a single opening or job posting by recruiters, whether it’s in Jurong, Yishun, Tampines, Hougang or in Woodlands.


Smartphones have not only made it simpler to carry out business tasks but have also made a mark in the field of digital education. As of now, there are several remarkable education mobile apps on Play Store and App Store that are helping children and adults learn the fun way! Apart from this, MOOC’s offered by e-learning websites are encouraging individuals to learn new skills every day.

Here is a look at the top mobile apps in Singapore in the education category:

Google Classroom

A service by Google, that assists schools, NGOs to connect with students whether they’re inside or outside the campus. Teachers can create lecture plans, assignments, and distribute them while maintaining effective
communication and staying organized.

Parents Gateway

This app is an initiative by the Ministry of Education of Singapore to help parents interact with their child’s schools on administrative matters. They are also provided updates on the school’s various programmes and activities through the Parent Gateway app. Currently, only a few schools in Singapore are connected to it, but it’s still a very popular app among people.


You can learn music and much more on the Yousician app. It will listen to you play and provide feedback on your skills such as timing and accuracy. The curriculum of this app has been created by expert music tutors and can help you improve from novice to a professional.


Lifestyle apps provide utilities such as fashion, wellness, shopping and many more. They fulfil the needs of the elite group of smartphone users and therefore there is always some unique service to offer. Lifestyle apps may also provide design ideas or quirky features for users that make them a hot category in mobile apps.

Some of the top mobile apps in Singapore in the lifestyle category are:


If you’re looking for innovative ideas, beauty or makeup tips, wedding tips or unique designs, Pinterest is your go-to place. Scroll endlessly as you browse through thousands of recipes, images, infographics, or get travel inspiration. Additionally, you can also access Do it Yourself (DIY) project ideas, health and fitness tips, along with lifestyle inspiration in the mobile app.

Google Home

People who own devices such as Google Nest, Google Home, Chromecast devices or any connected home appliances such as thermostats, lights, cameras etc, can control them through Google Home app. Home tab in the app provides shortcuts for frequent actions such as dimming lights, playing music or starting a movie. The Feed tab will show the most important events in your home. Through this, you can maximize the potential of your devices and improve the home setup.


This is a journal app that allows you to store important notes privately. Apart from this, you can select your mood, add activities in the calendar, set reminders for important events, build habits by setting goals, and much more. To ensure the safety of user data, Daylio gives you the facility to lock your notes via a PIN.


Mobile apps that fall under travel category are extremely useful to people while they’re on the go. It makes the journey to a foreign land simple and convenient, with the power of technology at your side. Some apps help you navigate through the labyrinth of streets while others assist in getting transport services or making payments. Whatever the traveller’s needs
may be, these apps have proved their mettle time and again in making the journey hassle-free.

Some of the top mobile apps in Singapore in the travel category are:


This travel app serves as a wallet for making payments in your home country or abroad. It offers secure, and seamless services in a few simple taps, and has partnered with Alipay to enable payments for merchants in Japan as well. You can top up your EZ-Link wallet at any time, from anywhere using your NFC enabled mobile device. The app will also give you a detailed summary of payments and wallet transactions so that you can manage your funds effectively.


The Lalamove mobile app gives you the facility to hire vehicles such as truck, van or motorcycle very easily. You can depend on the delivery platform for courier services, bulk delivery, food item delivery, last-mile delivery and much more. There are other features too, which the delivery app provides. These include a built-in e-wallet, e-Signatures for proof of delivery, quick driver matching, real-time tracking, additional services such as hourly rental, shifting assistance and pet shuttle.


A cab booking app that helps you board a ride across town, or within the city. You get a number of different options to pay for your ride. Also, you can order food through GoFood or shop for stuff on the GoShop and it will be delivered to you.

Singapore has clearly been a great avenue for mobile apps, which can be seen by the various tasks people use them for. If you an app idea that you think could become popular among users, Contact us to help you shape it into reality.

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