Wishing a very Happy Birthday in advance to our Mobile Ecosystem. This summer 2019 mobile ecosystem will be celebrating its 12th birthday.

The mobile ecosystem has grown with time. With 2.1 billion smartphone users in 2016, it is predicted to increase to 2.5 Billion by 2019. With an increase in the users of the smartphone, we see an exponential increase in the number of Apps.

Before moving ahead let’s have a look at the App statistics. This will help in having a clear idea of how mature our ecosystem has become. That too in the start of it’s teenage!

  • The total of 205.4 Billion mobile apps was downloaded in 2018 and expected to grow to 258.2 Billion in 2022 -Source: Statista
  • The app category people spend time the most – Social Networking (29% of users) Source: Comscore
  • The average number of apps people use daily – 9, monthly – 30 Source: Techcrunch
  • The most popular Android App Category ( Penetration)- Tools (99.8%) Source: Statista

Categories of Apps

When apps are submitted to a store the basic thing they need to do is to place it in a category. In the event that your application is explicit, at that point picking the category will be direct.

Be that as it may, some applications can fit in different classes. Eventbrite is a genuine precedent. It is a ticketing application, but there is no ‘ticket’ classification in either store.

Again – and compelled to pressure this as much as possible – don’t try to put your application in a class it doesn’t fit into. Also to the fact that this annoys the stores, it irritates clients. On Google Play, any client can hail applications as miscategorized.

Top Categories of Apps (Google Play & Apple App Store)

There are 33 classifications of applications in Google Play and 24 classes in Apple’s App Store. What’s more, there are only 7 application classes that have figured out how to achieve over 3% of users.

This demonstrates what objects are individuals utilizing versatile applications for. They will in general work together, convey, engage and play diversions, teach themselves, and unwind.

Leading App CategoriesAfter going through various blogs and statistics related to the app industry. I have picked up a few grossing apps falling into top categories. The below list is not a store specific.


By a long shot the most well-known class among kinds of applications. As over 24% of every mobile application, fall into this criteria. Nothing astounding without a doubt. The normal individual time spent on games would just build.

Mobile gaming has been flourishing. From a user point of view, gaming apps offer a feeling of accomplishment. And high commitment all the while – a normal gaming session is around 8 minutes in length. For designers, game applications classification is the most productive one. The top gaming apps according to me are:

  1. Fortnite (iOS and Android)
  2. Candy Crush Saga (iOS and Android)
  3. Clash of clans (iOS and Android)
  4. PubG (iOS and Android)


Likewise alluded to as productivity applications. They hold the second spot with a significant 10% offer. Present day cell phones are equipped for performing many mind-boggling errands on the run.

Charging, purchasing, booking, sending messages, following working advancement – and so on. Business applications change from B2B applications to the office. And individual applications to support profitability and limit cost. The top business app in my list are:

    1. Indeed Job Search (iOS and Android)
    2. Slack (iOS and Android)
    3. Quickbooks (iOS and Android)
    4. Zoom Cloud Meetings (iOS and Android)


It’s great to realize that we as a society care about self-education. Thus conveys this category to the best 3 of our rundown.

Children can learn while playing instructive diversion applications. Understudies may learn out of the class and change singular learning pace. Also, as per ongoing surveys, many education applications are valuable for education also. The top Apps are:

    1. Duolingo (iOS and Android)
    2. ABCmouse.com (iOS and Android)
    3. Photomath (iOS and Android)
    4. TED (iOS and Android)



Most likely, the greatest class in ‘sorts of applications’ point. It covers a lot of normal human exercises and interests. From shopping, wellness to fashion, virtual fitting room, and even weight reduction. Such applications for the individual way of life are the ones that push specialized developments. The apps in the top list of the lifestyle category are:

    1. Tinder (iOS and Android)
    2. Bumble (iOS and Android)
    3. AroundMe (iOS and Android)
    4. Family Locator- GPS (iOS and Android)



We are looking at gushing, talking, seeking occasions etc.. Applications for entertainment are identified with gaming because of the same goal.

These are the applications that tend to summon a sort of reliance. They keep us connected with, signed in, bunches of new and fun things to our lives. So that we will never exhaust again, that is without a doubt. The apps that top in my list of entertainment apps are:

    1. Netflix (iOS and Android)
    2. Hulu: Watch TV Shows (iOS and Android)
    3. Youtube TV (iOS and Android)
    4. HBO Now: Stream TV & Movies (iOS and Android)


Utility programming is utilized by actually everybody of us. Despite the fact that not all like other kinds of applications. Utility applications show the briefest users session times.

Individuals use these to simply complete things and proceed onwards. Falling into the best classifications of mobile applications can be clarified by the sheer measure of handy people utilizing their contraptions to maximum capacity. For instance taxi applications.

    1. Bitmoji – Your Personal Emoji (iOS and Android)
    2. Robokiller: Spam call Blocker (iOS and Android)
    3. Go Keyboard- Emoji & cool themes (iOS and Android)
    4. Burner- Second Phone Number (iOS and Android)


Travel applications’ motivation is 100% fresh and clear. As the title recommends – to make your voyaging simpler, fun and enlightening. Some of them transform your cell phone into a general travel journal. Some can manage you through the obscure destinations abroad utilizing maps.  While some give interpretation help.

That is the reason the greater part of the present vacationers appears to be canny every single knowing voyager. The top traveling apps are:

  1.  Google Earth (iOS and Android)
  2. My Disney Experience (iOS and Android)
  3. Airbnb (iOS and Android)
  4. MyTSA (iOS and Android)
  5. Skiplagged (iOS and Android)

Fitness & Health

In the course of recent years, carrying on with a sound way of life has turned out to be stylish. Individuals are winding up mindful of illness brought about by heftiness and inactive office work.

Fitness and health application users are the most faithful users in the application business. With high degrees of consistency, commitment, and recurrence of use. A noteworthy offer of overwhelming users with more ten sessions for every week drives steady commitment. That makes this market fragment extremely alluring for application designers. Is, and so forth. The top apps under this category are:

    1. Calm (iOS and Android)
    2. MyFitnessPal (iOS and Android)
    3. Fitbit (iOS and Android)
    4. Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness App (iOS and Android)


Book darlings are putting down the physical books and getting iPads and Kindles. In 2018, a fourth of all books sold so far have been digital books. And that figures do exclude book recordings, which thus make up another 18% of the market. Advanced books are setting down deep roots. the top apps in this category are:

  1. Yarn – Chat and Text Stories (iOS and Android)
  2. Hooked (iOS and Android)
  3. Amazon Kindle (iOS and Android)
  4. Scribd- Reading Subscription (iOS and Android)
  5. Blinkist (iOS and Android)

The Top 10 Global Android Apps

Toward the finish of March 2018, the ten applications had a consolidated download total of 299 million. WhatsApp tops the rundown for both Android and iOS working frameworks.

  1. WhatsApp – 60.23 million
  2.  Messenger – 56.20 million
  3.  PUBG MOBILE – 32.24 million
  4.  Instagram – 29.04 million
  5.  AliExpress – 25.15 million
  6.  Wish – 22.39 million
  7.  Facebook – 22.30 million
  8.  Facebook Lite – 19.98 million
  9.  The Sims Mobile – 17.02 million
  10. Garena Free Fire – 14.75 million

Top 10 Global iOS Apps

At the end of March 2018, the total downloads of the top 10 iOS applications were 68 million. Indeed, WhatsApp tops the graph. Below is the list of top 10 apps along with the number of downloads.

  1. WhatsApp – 9.15 million
  2.  Fortnite – 8.71 million
  3.  Messenger – 8.62 million
  4.  PUBG Mobile – 7.81 million
  5.  Facebook – 7.51 million
  6.  Sims Mobile – 6.93 million
  7.  AliExpress – 5.33 million
  8.  Spotify Music – 5.19 million
  9.  Knives Out – 5.13 million
  10. PUBG Mobile (Chinese version)  – 4 million


There are clearly more application categories and sort of applications. But, we address the broadest classes referenced before. Several games, wellbeing and wellness applications fitting the lifestyle segment. Computerized books are only one among thousand appearances of instruction and excitement.

The brilliant guideline for the application developer is one. Regardless of what kind of use, it needs to make life less demanding. And a wide range of applications, be it native, hybrid or web applications. Take into account the needs of the end clients. Each sort of applications as it’s solid and powerless focuses.

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