Smartphones have been no less than a revelation handed down by technology to the world. Since their inception in 2008, they have taken the market by storm and have only increased in users and popularity ever since. So, its highly likely that you are reading this post on a smartphone, rather than on your desktop.

Such has been the penetration of smartphones among the masses, that it has become an inseparable part of an individual. Statistics further confirm this as well. The number of smartphone users across the globe in 2020 are more than 3 billion! This is expected to reach a staggering 3.5 billion by 2021, as numbers by Statista indicate.

Countries like US, China and India form a major part of the smartphone population, but other countries aren’t far behind too. Middle east has slowly but steadily emerged as a huge market for mobile apps as of this day. A major player being United Arab Emirates or the UAE, which has over the years seen a steady increase in the smartphone market as well.

StatCounter shows that during the period between February 2019 to March 2020, mobile phones formed 51.28 percent of market share, followed by desktop at 47.01 percent and tablet at a distant third with 1.71 percent. This shows that people in UAE love to use different types of apps in their daily life and the demand for the same is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Since it is now abundantly clear that mobile apps market in UAE is growing tremendously, let’s explore the top mobile apps in various categories.


This category of mobile apps is the most popular among users across the globe. More than 24% of mobile apps fall under the ‘Games’ category. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The amount of time people spend on gaming mobile apps is only going to increase in the future. The main reason is the adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment it gives users, which is also supported by addictive nature of games.

Here are the top mobile apps in UAE in the gaming category:

8 Ball Pool

You can compete with millions of pool players on this game’s multiplayer network. You can also challenge friends, enter tournaments, or enter 1v1 games. As you level up, amazing rewards will be given to help you enhance your skill.

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Carrom Pool

From the developers of 8 Ball Pool, comes Carrom Pool, in which you can play carrom and disc pool with your friends or even play offline.
You win prizes such as new pucks and victory chests to help you advance to the next level.

Shooting Archery

A free, 3D game that makes you feel like you’re in an actual archery arena. Animations and graphics are good enough to keep you engrossed, as you try to become an archery master.


Also known as productivity mobile apps, they are placed at the second spot with 10% of apps under this category. Smartphones, nowadays are capable of performing many complex tasks on the fly, which is what these apps harness.

Some of the top mobile apps in UAE in the business category are:

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

This app has been a rage among business users and has dethroned Skype from the top spot of video conferencing apps. You can choose to start or join a video meeting with upto 100 people, in clear, high resolution video along with screen sharing. It brings group messaging, video conferences, and meetings together in a single app.

UAE Pass

Dubai Smart Government has created this app which simplifies and helps citizens manage their identity digitally. People use this app for
proving their identity through e-documents, storing and digitally signing official documents. They can also avail several services where they need to share such documents via the mobile app.

Microsoft Teams

For coordination and teamwork in Office 365 Suite, you can use Microsoft Teams. All the files, apps, conversations and meetings reside in a single workspace and you can access it on the go.


The smartphone age has not only simplified complex tasks but also revolutionized learning and education. There are several educational
mobile apps on both App Store and Play Store that help children learn through interactive games and puzzles. There are also e-learning MOOC apps that enable individuals to learn new skills free of cost.

The top mobile apps in UAE in the education category are as follows.

Google Classroom

A free service by technology giant Google, helps NGOs and schools to connect with each other while inside or outside the school. It helps teachers create and distribute assignments, organize lectures, communicate effectively while staying organized.


You can create customized quizzes, each named a ‘kahoot’, and play at any time, any place with friends or solo. This app has greatly encouraged teachers, students, trivia enthusiasts and working professionals to learn new things.

EWA: Learn English Language

A unique learning approach is followed by EWA, which follows audiobooks, topic-based courses, pop culture examples and famous books. Every course is classified into sub categories such as rookie, skilled, advanced, travel English, business English and Grammar.


These apps cover utilities such as shopping, wellness, fashion and others. These apps cover the needs of the elite users and hence there is always something new on offer. Apps under lifestyle category are generally very popular as they tend to a variety of needs of smartphone users.

The  top mobile apps in UAE in the lifestyle category are:


Pinterest helps by giving fresh ideas, designs, wedding tips, beauty and makeup inspiration and other unique content. You can browse through thousands of images, find recipes, food ideas, or read travel inspiration. Apart from this, there is also access to DIY project ideas, fitness and health tips with all the lifestyle inspiration in a single app.


This is the most popular app globally for connecting with new people, as well as in the top mobile apps in UAE for lifestyle category. If you want to meet new people, interact with locals during travel, or expand the social network radius, Tinder can help. You only need to swipe right if interested in a profile, and if its mutual, you can chat, meet up and spark a new friendship or romance in the real world.


One of the best classified apps in UAE for selling, buying and searching stuff online. You can buy/rent a room or apartment, sell used cars, buy a motorcycle, boat, furniture, mobiles, electronics, appliances, and baby items. You can also upload your resume and apply for jobs in Sales, Engineering, Hospitality and other sectors in the UAE.


These are the top mobile apps in UAE that help people stay connected, signed in, and provide a bunch of fun activities and media content such as audio and video. In short, whenever we’re bored, entertainment apps always come to our rescue. Some of the top mobile apps in UAE in the entertainment category are:


Here you’ll find movies, acclaimed TV series, documentaries and stand-up comedy shows. All of this for a variety of monthly subscription plans. For kids and family there is a separate watching experience through a dedicated children’s profile. You can also download and save your favorite shows to your mobile device and watch them on the go.


This is a live group voice chat and games community app for interacting with people nearby, or internationally.  You can choose from thousands of voice rooms, and filter them by topics or countries. After this you can group voice talk with room members, share your favorite music, play a variety of games in chat and also sing karaokes with them.


You can watch millions of handpicked videos and even create your own quirky ones with the help of emoji stickers, amazing face filters and beauty effects. This is also supported by editing tools that will help you to cut, trim, merge and create copies of video clips. Connect and get inspired with million of creators and share your talent and knowledge with them.

Apart from these categories, today, healthcare is also a potential domain for mobile apps. There are around 47,682 therapeutic applications present in the App Store, which speaks volumes about the penetration of mobile apps in healthcare.

So, if you want your business to have a presence in the top mobile apps in UAE market or any other global market, the first thing is to select the target category. Also, a clear understanding of the cost involved in developing a fully functional app is very crucial. To help you get a fair estimate, we provide an Intelligent Cost Calculator that will guide you through the cost of modules and features for the app.

Aun Suhel