Mobile and Web Design Services

Mobile and Web Design Services

Apple's Flat Design
This consists of creating applications that have infinite depth and components such as the text messages and the alert buttons that seem to project a floating from within the apps. It is like a window to another dimension.
Google’s Material Design
Google too has entered into the realm of flat design and believes that humans should interact with application components similar to a stacked sheet of paper. Each screen gives a tactile effect and depth which feels like the user is holding each screen in the palm of his hand.
Flow Charts & Use Case Scenarios
Flow charts and use case scenarios help in smooth functioning of processes and are also easily discerned just at a glance. We use tools like Lucid Chart and Mind Maple that helps in streamlining processes and flow of the designing product.
Prototype & App Wireframing
Using tools like Balsamiq and for non-interactive and interactive wireframing respectively we discover unexpected challenges and rectify those issues at a very juvenile stage of design and development, thereby saving time and capital.

UI Wireframe Design

Every idea starts with a sketch, we however take these sketches very seriously. We are experienced wireframe designers.
Wireframe Development Services
We elaborate your ideas into interactive wireframe design mockups.
Analyze and Optimize Existing Wireframe
Already have a rough wireframe sketches with you? We can help you evolve the idea and make it a success. We have years of experience in it.
Wireframe to Design
Already have wireframes for your MVP? We can help you convert the idea in to an awesome app.

Why Hire Terasol For Your App Design?

We create exceptional UX/UI designs that showcase your brand ideas perfectly and align your brand goals with your app. Here at Terasol, we improvise at every stage of creating UI/UX, constantly trying to create every interaction memorable for the users. A fully functional design is what defines a concept and what engages and captivates the users. We believe that it is not just a design that strikes a user, it is the experience that stays with him forever.

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