Voice Technology  is Transforming Human Interactions

Use Case Study By Terasol Technologies


With 72% of users including voice technology in one form or another in their daily lives, the scope of service enhancements through Voice Search is wide and open for the tech industry. The voice-enabled technologies such as smart speakers and applications with voice functionality are slowly establishing their foothold.

This makes the use of voice technology to help users navigate through your offerings a great way to offer users in-depth assistance. The popularity of Voice Search is quite evident with the installation of 90 million voice technology-enabled devices in the US.

However, despite the exponential increase in popularity of Voice Search only 52% of businesses that adapted it is seeing exponential conversion. This makes taking a conversion-driven approach essential for businesses to make the best out of this technology.


Introduction To Voice Technology

Voice technology allows users to navigate through the web and control their devices via. Voice Command. Apple’s voice assistant Siri is one of the most well-known implementations of Voice Technology which is widely adopted by users across the globe. It not only bridges the gap between getting instant information access but also guides users to take action promptly.

Hence, enhancing the overall navigation and making it easier for customers to take action faster. So, for businesses trying to offer unmatched navigation, integration Voice Technology can be a great way to move ahead.

Benefits Of Voice Technology

Voice Technology offers users and businesses multi-dimensional perks this when combined with strategic implementation helps brands to accelerate their productivity and conversion efficiency. Around 70% of Voice technology users claim that it's faster and more effective than manual navigation.

Here’s a list of perks of implementing voice search in your business:

Reasons People Like Voice Commands

Solves Language Barriers:

Having an intelligent voice search technology that understands voice commands in multiple languages ensures that your products cater to a wider range of users. It removes language barriers that restrict users from making the best out of our online services.


Improved Productivity:

Integrating Voice Search with your business operations makes it easier for your staff to handle operations. This saves time on manual tasks and helps your staff members to become more productive.


Improvises Marketing:

Marketers can use voice technology to personalize marketing campaigns and offer quick responses to marketing campaign queries. This improves both customer interactions and helps businesses in getting better results from their campaigns.


Enhanced Customer Experience:

Voice search technology can help businesses to answer business queries promptly which enhances customer interaction and helps you resolve customer queries.

Voice Technology Industry Use Cases

From the discussion, we can evidently conclude that voice technology can be used in multiple ways across different industries to ensure a smooth customer experience. Here are in-depth insights on how industry leaders are using Voice Technology in accelerating their growth:


Pandora is a music streaming application that aims to provide its users with a smooth music streaming experience. However, they realized one of the major roadblocks in accelerating the average sessions was that the users have to maintain consistent interaction with the application for controlling and exploring the music.

To make interaction with the music streaming application easier for users Pandora decided to introduce a Voice assistant for music streaming. Now, this allows users to operate the app in Voice Mode to explore music, podcasts, and control the playback options.

Nunace Dragon

Nuance Dragon is a professional transcriber that allows voice transcription. The brand provides dedicated applications for mobile devices and PC so that users can easily access the speech-to-text transcription feature. Hence, makes activities such as texting, calling, and browsing in apps much easier and faster for its users.

The startup was later acquired by Microsoft for 19.7 million and works as an integral part of Microsoft's core voice recognition technology. Nuance Dragon also uses voice technology for providing different sectors such as finance and law enforcement industry-specific instant transcription.


Alexa is an AI-based virtual assistant built by Amazon. It helps users to easily use Amazon devices such as Echo speakers and its software products through voice commands. Alexa can also be used to empower software and online services with a voice assistant feature. For this, Amazon provides Alexa Skills which can be integrated into digital products and empower users with efficient navigation via voice instruction.

Voice Technology for Smooth Navigation

Voice technology can help businesses transform the way their users interact. It makes online interaction with digital devices more human which enhances their experience with your brand.

Recently at Terasol we implemented voice technology in Fabulaa, a navigation software for disabled people.

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