Terasol is a 4-year-old company, originally it was just an idea of 3 students, discussed in their college canteen. From there, they started their journey as an expert in cross-platform mobile application development. For the last 2 years, we were moved to the Enterprise projects and developed more than 150 apps. Start of 2019 was great for us, we moved to the global market.


The company stands on its culture and culture are built and maintained by its employer and employees. Whether it’s a small or multinational company the culture of a company motivates its people to participate as a team or an employee.

Terasol Technologies always believe that culture is one of the keys to success. We are really happy to welcome everyone as a Terasolities. So, let me help you to give a tour of our company.


Our dream is to build a community connected with our apps, to help a business digitally by enhancing their technology. This leads us to our motto “We just don’t build apps We build business”. This is all about Terasol, we are small but we stand together.


Let me introduce you with AEONS, it will be your new buddy from the day you are joining. It is going to manage all your clock-in and clock-out time, tell you about your holidays. You will share your work-log with it every day (don’t keep secrets). Sometimes it gets moody.

First Day
Here is your first-day checklist:
  • Laptop
  • Mouse
  • Headphones
  • Charger
  • Documents request by HR

We believe academics are not everything, what makes our hiring different is we look for attitude, passion, grit, team spirit, a knack for challenge and determination to hard work. Skills are important but alone it can’t develop a person into its best version.

Data sharing
In Terasol

SLACK is our internal Whats App
DROPBOX is our data storage center
COUNTERSTRIKE is our meditation session


We feel that to solve every difficulty you need to be able to communicate and that no problem is so big that cannot be solved by talking to each other. Every day we have a stand-up with our mentor/team to discuss project progress. We have peer-to-peer reviews to share a personal and professional talk with whom you are working. Your review can help someone to enhance themselves personally as well as professionally.

Something unique which you can only see in Terasol is:

Counter-strike this is an important part of our culture, after office hour we play counter-strike for an hour. This is not just a game for us, it is like meditation, stress reliever, team building session for us.

Super Saturday Last Saturday of every month is an open session where you can play, take lecture (not a boring one), do group events and many more. Get ready to share something new in your next super-Saturday. Reviews and peer-to-peer is conducted on this day.

Open Pantry – We believe a working mind need some food from time to time, we have an open pantry for our teams. You can add your choice once you join us.

Parties We believe doing a party without a reason is a good reason. We are always ready for a samosa party. You can share samosas with us.

Classes – Well we do some work also. We organize some classes to supplement your skills because staying behind time is not cool. You be a part of it or you can be a teacher. Every role is important.


Now it’s time for a serious talk. We take our company policies very seriously. Every organization needs to follow some rules and regulation. This is important to maintain the culture of the company; we don’t compromise on that. Once you join Terasol you will get to know about the policies. We don’t tolerate any sort of sexual and mental harassment and gender discrimination either in office premises or in social/business function related to matters of the company.

No Asshole Rule


Building a civilized workplace and surviving one is a book by Stanford professor Robert I. Sutton.

It classifies asshole at a workplace like a pro and states that it doesn’t help your cause to be someone who has a good performance but bad behavior or vice versa. You can’t bring productivity to yourself and your company unless and until you strike a positive balance between your performance and your attitude towards work and peers.

Nobody like incompetent assholes and they certainly won’t be tolerated in our company either.

Learn & Evolve

You are going to become a part of
Terasol and it is going to be the place where you will learn, you will laugh,
you will struggle and you will evolve.