Gone are the days when you had to wind up your office work or your kitchen chores asap so that you could reach home on time to catch up with your favorite TV shows in the evening. Gone are the days when you felt frustrated and upset when your kids or spouse handled the TV remote, and you missed the most crucial episode of your favorite series.

No more! With mobile apps you could see your favorite shows wherever you are and whenever you feel like and with no timeline restraints.  Incredible. Isn’t it?

Thanks to the digitization of the media and entertainment industry you can watch every news and every entertainment channel on your mobile, anywhere and at any time.   

According to a study of the top 10 most used applications, entertainment apps, which include gaming apps, make the first 5 positions at the Apple App Store.

 Popular App Categories at the Apple App Store: 

Top Categories that people use smartphones for

There are several advantages of
using mobile apps for media and entertainment industry:

1. Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

An average person spends nearly 3-4 hours on their mobile phone every single day. So, this is the best time to grab user attention. By having a mobile app for your brand, you can frequently update customers about new offers and discounts, which in turn might prompt them to connect with your brand, time and again.  

2. Trend Tracking

Trend Tracking

With mobile apps, users can keep track of the latest media and entertainment trends. The apps are programmed to identify customer interests by looking at their search history and the posts they browse or read often. This ensures that they get what they want in their update notifications.

3. Push Notifications

Push Notification

If anything, push notifications help market your business better. It enables you to shoot tens of thousands of messages about new videos and news available in the industry via the app. You even get a chance to offer rewards in terms of discounts, sales and all for loyal customers, by way of which you can cement the bond with the existing customers and know them better.

4. Removal of Pirated Content   

Removal of Pirate content

With issues related to duplicated content growing day by day, specifically in case of videos and with people having easy access to these videos, it’s becoming more important than ever to have some kind of control over the issue of duplicate content. This is where apps help us out to cut down the usage of duplicate content by providing content at cost-effective rates.  In fact, several media and entertainment apps offer free videos. The quality of the videos is also good when accessed via mobile apps.   

5. Engineering an Independent Platform

Creating Independent Platform

As it turns out, entertainment mobile apps enable building of an independent platform for movies, music, live streaming, sports and more. It’s one good reason that several artists out there are able to create content out there for consumption to gain sizeable followers.

Previously, only professionals with resources had these opportunities to create video games and generate all kinds of content.  Today, the process of application development is so effortless that people from various talent streams can experiment without limitation.

6. Distribution of Information

Distribution of Information

Entertainment apps have become a source of information. Entertainment app development allows users to swap different kinds of content, media and other useful information on the platform.

7. Seamless Content Flow

Seamless Content Flow

Mobile entertainment apps ensure a smooth flow of content across the global market. Anyone who can share authentic content can use these apps to connect with the right kind of target audience they are looking for.

8. Growth of Gaming & Music Apps

Application Growth

apps form a significant chunk of entertainment apps. And these apps offer
multiplayer options to gaming enthusiasts from all over the world.

Music has also become easily accessible through apps such as Spotify, Wynk, iTunes and more. They provide us with the opportunity to listen to different kinds of music anytime and anywhere. 

9. Higher User Engagement 

Higher User Enagagement

As the names go, entertainment apps are there to entertain and thereby engage app users.  These apps backed by a bevy of features combined with a variety of content are good at evoking curiosity among the masses. 

The people leveraging entertainment apps with massive follower count are almost like celebrities. The fans could use these apps to connect and interact with them.  This is how engagement becomes one of the most crucial aspects of entertainment mobile apps.

10. Better Sales

Better Sales

Apparently, when you approach more fans and followers, in all likelihood, you will be able to generate more leads, and in turn, more revenue for your business.  After all, this is the basic aim of your mobile app, which is to reach as many people as possible and convert them into clients.  

11. Social Media Support

Social Media Support

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums that help you reach the targeted audience.  If you have an app, it could work miracles for your business. You can even undertake paid promotions so that people know about your app and are happy to download the same from the ads.   

12. Up-and-coming Trends  

Up and Coming Trends

Technologies such as AR, VR, IoT and all will be changing the way people view and use media and entertainment apps.  These technologies will be added to the app so that they could use it in a way that benefits them. 


The media and entertainment are the most sought after apps in today’s world partly because of the bouquet of services it offers such as film songs, shows, games and more. So, if your brand doesn’t have an app, it’s time to get your app act together.   


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