What is Golang?

Golang is a compiled programming language that was developed by Google. Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson were the minds behind Golang. These 3 people designed Golang at Google. Google first designed Golang in the year 2007. This is also known as Go; it acquired its name Golang basically from its domain name which is, golang.org. It was designed to help improve productivity in the area if multicore, networked machines, and big codebases.

There are two very important implementations of Go

  1. Google self-hosts the compiler toolchain which will target multiple operating systems, mobile devices, and Web assemblies as well.
  2. Gccgo, a GCC frontend.

Characteristics of Golang

  1. Just like the C++ language, it provides static typing and run time efficiency.
  2. Like Python and JavaScript, they can have features like readability and usability.
  3. They are capable of high-performance networking and multiprocessing.

Here is a list of reasons why you should choose Golang for Web Application Projects


1.Golang Offers good Documentation

Professionals say that one of the most important aspects that you should keep in your mind while making a new Web application is, you should keep your documentation simplified. Golang will provide you with this feature of simplifying the documentation process. Its documentation is known as GoDoc. GoDoc is a useful tool to make documentation pages. It is a single language focused coding, so the developers will not need the knowledge of any other language. 

You can use it by only knowing English. In fact, Golang Documentation is a single documentation engine, which is used by an entire community. Another important feature about GoDoc is every document uses the same format, which saves a lot of time.

2.Enhanced Performances

It is said that Golang has been performing better than any other programming language like Python or C++. The latest version of Python is still not able to match the speed of Golang, it’s that better than them. One of the biggest reasons behind the speed of the Golang Documentation is its CPU scalability and concurrency model. Golang will also provide you financial benefits, as it is much cheaper than any other programming language.  Golang is 10 times cheaper than Python. It will also help you save space in your CPU’s memory.

3.Web Frameworks are not a requirement

Golang has Undoubtedly unique feature, which not many programming languages have. It does not require any support from any Web Framework. This is possible since Golang contains a wide range of in-built tools, which receive huge support from the native language core. With the help of these tools that Golang provides its users, you can even build complicated API services without the need to search for the library on GitHub. The programming languages that Golang has been built-in with are http, html, json, C, and C++.

4.Golang is an Open-Source Language

One of the biggest factors that attract users to use Golang is that it is an Open-Source Language. It means the developers can use it for any purpose without having to take any kind of permission from anyone. The fact that it was developed by Google, which is one of the biggest companies in the world, itself adds value to it. Google had initially released Golang intending to simplify the complicated development process of documentation and to also meet their cloud expectations. Apart from this, It can be said that it has certainly matched its expectations. The developers can also use the Golang programming language for developing gaming apps along with the various software developments.

5.Assistance for Debugging

You need to have the IDE extensive support, which will help you to replace different programming languages. In fact, IDE is such a great software development application that can help you in such a way that, it will reduce your coding time by almost 70%. For example, if you use Go Plugin for JetBrains IDEA for supporting the WebStorm, you shall receive full assistance from Plugin while developing or working on the project. Besides this, It shall provide you with solutions to any kind of issues you will face while developing on your project.

6. Advantages of Static System

If you want to make a big and complex application, then you might need a system that will support such kind of complex programming. Here, Golang will give you a superior advantage over other programming languages like Python as it later may have some issue regarding using of the variable as an integer and getting string as an outcome. However, when you use Golang, it is there to solve the issue as it gets used to about application during the compilation time as a compiler error.

7.Efficient for any platform

Golang is definitely such an advanced programming language that it shall provide you with speed and accuracy at the same time, even if you want to do codes for a program, compiling the codes and documents, deploying and running the program. It is also said that many developers of applications and documentation have switched to Golang. Because it’s easier and faster to learn as wells. So it would be undoubtedly easy for your developers to learn and implement it quickly and efficiently. 

Moreover, Golang can also be useful for a client who has a financial boundary. You with speed and accuracy at the same time, even if you want to do codes for a program, compiling the codes and documents, deploying and running the program. It is also clearly said that many developers of applications and documentation have switched on to Golang because it’s easier and faster to learn as well. Moreover, Go can also be useful for a client who has a tight budget in hand.

Finally, these were some of the reasons why Golang is perfectly suited for your new Web Application project.