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Bringing people of colorful palettes together and closer

Has it ever happened to you, you wanted to eat a certain something and had to go along with your friends to eat something else? Or you had a craving for something but could not find a good restaurant? Our app has been designed to help you when Google fails to. With Helicopter, you can order food online and also connect with people who share the same gastronomical passion as yours

Amazing Features

Helicopter was made for IIM Lucknow to aid an innovative approach in helping hostellers order food online from their on-campus restaurants and have it delivered to their rooms. It not only helps students with their nightly ravings but also lets them connect with other students and also keeps reminding them of various campus events

About HELLicopter

Given to the vastness of the campus of IIM Lucknow, Helicopter makes it easy for hostellers to get food delivered to them from their on campus restaurants. Interactive menu and options make the experience hassle-free.

Students can make their profiles just like they make on any social media platforms. It is completely customizable the individual’s choice and likeness. The option to put up their display pictures only makes it more fun.

Since the app is aimed to ease the hostel life of students, Calendar is an important and a noteworthy feature. The various student bodies can put up their event on the calendar and the app sends reminders to all its users.

Import all your contacts to the app and you can make groups so you can socialize with your friends and other foodies whom you meet on the app. Quite handy right for when you need some company to eat?

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