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A dream to help restaurateurs digitalize their restaurants

Our Menu began as a modest start to a big dream. It dreams of digitalizing menus at restaurants. A complete IT solution provider whose sole purpose is to simplify the restaurant business, help it grow as well as make the menu immensely attractive for their customers. Discarding the boring method of manually ordering food, the app spices things up by digitalizing the process and giving more freedom to both customers and restaurateurs alike.

Amazing Features

OurMenu provides customers with a remarkably interactive menu to choose from among many other diverse options. Its cloud feature helps owners access and manage data from anywhere giving them the true freedom of technology driven mobility.


Options are available to inform the chef of any allergens to avoid and call the waiter for any queries the customer can have.

Pictorial menu of delicacies at the restaurant is offered to the customers on a tablet as an app, while they settle down to order.

Simplified and secured payment options so that any age group can use without any troubles.

Cloud system helps owners create their restaurant’s account and manage all the billings and keep a tab on all the activities at anytime from anywhere.

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