Maintenance Services

Software Maintenance Lifecycle For Accelerated Conversion & Growth

Get exponential conversion on your digital product with our software development maintenance team. From solving ongoing bugs instantly to implementing growth-centric features to help you expand, under application maintenance services Terasol does it all.


Our Software Maintenance Lifecycle Offers


Benchmarking Systems

Put your app in its best version possible with benchmarking process of our software maintenance life cycle. Our team runs benchmarking testing to identify run-time flaws that puts off your users and fixes them for smooth navigation and operations.

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Re-Engineering Apps

To help your digital solution overcome consistent performance flaws and stay at common grounds with disruptive tech innovation, our software development maintenance team re-engineers your existing application to meet with ever-evolving user demands.

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Application Monitoring

Our team monitors key application metrics such as performance, accessibility, and user experience to monitor your app’s ongoing health and identify scopes of improvement. So that you can set aside your product functionality and operation woes.



Transformation & Optimization

To ensure our software maintenance lifecycle brings the ROI your business expects we consistently analyze industry specific trends in your sector and suggest optimization tactics for business expansion.

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Data Migration

Working in the competitive tech field to be a leader moving from older tech stacks and platforms to modern ones is inevitable! Our software maintenance life cycle makes it easier for you by providing safe, error-free, and prompt data migration services

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Deliver Excellent User Experience with Strategic Expansion

The Software Maintenance Process Breakdown

An in-depth breakdown of how our unique software maintenance lifecycle process helps you stand at par with industry-experts.

Product Enhancements

The software development maintenance team invests 40% of the maintenance costs to:

  • Implement tech features to accelarate growth
  • Tech stack update for robust fuctionality
  • Periodically tests to identify scopes of enhancement

Corrective Maintenance

In software maintenance lifecycle corrective maintenance uses up 30% of the overall costs which includes:

  • Bug fixes
  • Design glitch rectification
  • Error Handeling

Preventive Maintenance

We help you avoid business apocalypse aka. product crashes by investing 10% of overall cost in preventive maintenance which includes:

  • Regular monitoring of application
  • Consistent security upgrades
  • Server loads configuration

Adaptive Maintenance

Terasol’s adaptive maintenance uses 10% of overall support and maintenance budget to help you ride the tides of tech disruption.

  • Security Patch Updates
  • Plugins Updates
  • API & SDK updates
  • Code Refactoring

Perfective Maintenance

In this phase of software maintenance lifecycle we invest 10% of the overall costs to help your product attain perfection.

  • Business logic changes
  • Perfective UI/UX updates

Our Unique Pricing Model

Unique and flexible pricing models that fits your expansion needs


(Best for promising startups)

  • 40 hours of minimum work Commitment.
  • Extra hours to billed separately.
  • Availability 8/5.
  • Access to collaboration tools like Notion/Jira for real time issue reporting and progress monitoring.
  • Email  Support  chat.  


(Good for scalable business)

  • 80 hours of minimum work Commitment.
  • Extra hours to billed separately.
  • Availability 8/5.
  • Access to collaboration tools like Notion/Jira for real time issue reporting and progress monitoring.
  • Email & Meeting Support  c


(For growing large business)

  • 160 hours of minimum work Commitment.
  • Extra hours to billed separately.
  • Availability 8/5.
  • Access to collaboration tools like Notion/Jira for real time issue reporting and progress monitoring.
  • Email, Phone and Meeting Support

Accomplishments That Keep Us Going



Years in the Market


Countries Covered


Successful Projects


Client Satisfaction Rate


Industries Served

Our Work Highlights


CBS iCentral

An application for doctors and aspiring medical students.

Country                           India

Completion Time           1.5 Year

Team Size                       6 members

Core Tech                       Swift, Kotlin, PHP, MySQL

Coupon SystemPayment GatewayMultiple Currency

" We are happy and grateful to both tech team & PM's. I believe it's just the start, we have a way to go!

- CBS Publishers and Distributors 🇮🇳



A 360-degree rating app to assist interviewers, selecting the required skill set.

Country                           India

Completion Time           1.5 Year

Team Size                       6 members

Core Tech                       Swift, Kotlin, PHP

UI/UX DesignLogo DesignBranch.ioDeeplinking
about-me-360 -Terasol-Technologies

" Overall experience was excellent, Terasol brilliantly converted my dream app into reality and with patience!"

- Director, aboutME360 🇮🇳


Grab a Sneak-Peak Into Terasol’s Conversion-centric Software Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Software Maintenance Services?

In Software Maintenance services the development team will keep a constant eye on your digital solution to check for flaws, errors, and run-time issues and will implement the software maintenance lifecycle to ensure your product stays at its best form.

Will Terasol also improve the user experience of my existing apps?

Yes, definitely. software development maintenance team works on tweaking and optimizing your app features & functionalities to ensure that the end-user can optimally use the app, and doesn’t face any issue while using the application.

Why Terasol for Software Maintenance Services?

Terasol has 7+ years of experience in delivering state-of-the-art digital transformation and mobility solutions. We have helped 300+ businesses to become industry leader and trendsetters using digital transformation with our unique software maintenance lifecycle and industry-specific expertise.

Are surveillance and monitoring in the software maintenance lifecycle helpful for my digital solution?

Yes, surveillance and monitoring help you to constantly track your solution and its efficiency. This allows you to identify and fix any application run down beforehand and fix them instantly.

What is included in Software Maintenance Services?

With our conversion centric software maintenance lifecycle, we ensure your app stays ahead of the curb by consistently monitoring it for potential flaws, making data-driven changes, and fixing potential bugs and errors to facilitate higher ROI.

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