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Accelerating Digital Transformation for Information Services Business

In today's increasingly competitive world, businesses of all sizes are turning to IT service providers to help them cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve performance.

While data is plentiful, making it business-ready is an ongoing problem. Access to timely and high-quality data is critical to corporate success. Faster access to business-ready data, the lesser time to action.

You will need technology to handle the heavy lifting of numerous data and information management tasks. With the right information service solutions, you may penetrate your target market, analyze their preferences, and discover fresh unexplored prospects.

USD 1.12 Tn
Global Information Services Market Size by 2025.
USD 42.7 Bn
Global Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) market size by 2024.

How can we help you

The information economy is driven by changing audience requirements, diverse consumption patterns, and pertinent insights. Terasol Technologies assist you with your business model, innovation, increase agility, and meet the quick demand of digital disruption.

Our skilled teams are prepared to assist you in managing shifting global markets, data-driven decision-making, regulations, and evolving value chains allowing you to develop engaging customer experiences, encourage digital adoption, and establish reliable business terms.

Modernize and transform your core systems, and gain an edge with game-changing technologies with Terasol.



Information Service Segments We Serve

Terasol provides broad information services to revolutionize your enterprise's efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

Service, Technology, and Healthcare
Our smart information service offers its customers to help them improve communication and lower their expenses throughout their value chain. Our experts can assist you in maximizing the value of your technology and healthcare services by improving data discoverability, accessibility, and modularity.
Telecommunication and Digital Publishing
We use automation to automate various important business operations, resulting in increased efficiency, shorter cycle times, and lower operating costs. Our solutions helps you with content formats including rich-media, short-form material, e-books, and online subscription business models.
Finance and Accounting
Our team assist financial, credit, tax, and accounting firms in increasing income and comply with regulations. Our domain and technology expertise can assist you in developing advanced capabilities—platforms, tools, and processes—and achieving a sustainable competitive edge in this rapidly changing digital world.
Social, Media and Entertainment
In today's global multi-speed media ecosystem, we work with businesses to catch attention and develop value. We deliver transformative robust technology solutions for media and entertainment to accelerate their digital transformation.

Explore our comprehensive portfolio of solutions

Our solutions are made up of a variety of data, analytics, software, services, tech, and publishing firms that offer information and cutting-edge analytics to professionals and business clients in a variety of industries.

Warehouse Management

Product Lifecycle Management Solution

Manage every step of your product's evolution with our product lifecycle management solution, which shortens execution times, increases on-time delivery, and decreases design and production rework.

Enterprise & Supply Chain Management

Product Data Management

Provide your customers with enhanced information experiences by managing accurate, consistent, and current product data. With the help of reliable prospect data and corporate databases, you can improve your business performance and ROI.

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Legacy Transformation Solutions

Our legacy transformation Solutions give businesses the ability to update and modernize their solutions frequently to keep up with the complexity of rapidly evolving technological platforms. The items are seamlessly migrated from old technology platforms to new ones by our expertise.

Enterprise & Supply Chain Management

Networking and Communication Solutions

Our solutions are adaptable and evolutionary for networking, connection, and communication demands. Our solutions range from the global delivery of a fully hosted, cloud-enabled collaboration suite to on-premise network design and optimization. You can depend on us to maintain your current network environment simply and affordably as you migrate to a new platform that is more in tune with your changing business needs.

Management of Inventory and Orders

Business Information Solutions

Our information solutions centred on developing new business prospects because we believe that digital business transformation is about much more than just improving business processes. Our solutions help you meet industry-specific issues, improve your market competitiveness, and produce the necessary business results.


Create Personalized Experience for Every Customer.

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We acquire, transform, and accelerate the relevant data and information for various business needs by employing multiple data processing techniques and our significant knowledge management skills.



aboutME360 aims to provide all-around insight of an individual based on ratings provided by their peers. With this app, one can learn about an individual’s Behavioral skills, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Skills, and Performance metrics using its MIS system.

Country                      India

Completion Time      1.5 Year

Team Size                  6 members

Core Tech                  Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Adobe XD

UI/UX DesignLogo DesignBranch.ioDeeplinking

" Overall experience was excellent, Terasol brilliantly converted my dream app into reality and with patience !"

- Director, aboutME360 🇮🇳



An app providing data based on technology-driven market research.

Country                     India

Completion Time     2 Years

Team Size                 8 members

Core Tech                  Laravel, MySQL, Kotlin

UI/UX DesignMedia Big Data

" Terasol excelled in communication, goal comprehension, target achievement, and project delivery. We are definitely interested in working with them on a long-term basis."

- Product Manager at Chrome Data Analytics and Media 🇮🇳


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Developing IT Solutions Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our team of consultants, designers, and developers use cutting-edge modern technology to ensure that your digital products can withstand ever-increasing future demands.



Blockchains have the ability to digitalize and integrate supply chains, thereby streamlining and accelerating corporate activities both within and outside company borders.

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Companies can manage a larger IT architecture and address a wider range of issues by incorporating artificial intelligence into the technical solutions they are developing to process data easily.

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Big Data

Edge AI

Edge AI is a growing network of interconnected systems and different gadgets that collect and analyze data in accordance with end-user needs.


Big Data


A corporation should have a dedicated location for all its digital assets and information to handle data resources and keep the data safe and readily available.




Companies are discovering a variety of advantages from integrating connection and intelligence into physical infrastructure, from data collection to infrastructure automation.


Technology Stack To Power Your Digital Solution

Our team assists you in selecting the appropriate technology stacks for your hospitality IT solution to ensure that the product is adaptable, elegant, fast, and secure.









Backend Development


Java Script







Frontend Development








React Native

Mobile App development


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