Enterprise Application Modernization Consultancy

For Growth & Conversion

At Terasol we assist businesses to map out enterprise modernization journey that aligns with business-specific needs.

Why Consider Enterprise Modernization?

Enterprise Modernization allows businesses to cater to significant backlogs in Legacy Application Management. This helps businesses to stand ahead of the curb and make their services relevant amidst rapidly transforming technology and customer expectations.

CIOs Spend Percent Of Their Time In Managing Legacy applications

CIOs Spend 60% Of Their Time In Managing Legacy applications

leaving no time for strategy and further expansion

42 Percent of Online Businesses Face Challenges Regarding Legacy App

42% of Online Businesses Face Challenges Regarding Legacy App

Resulting in operational and productivity issues

40 Percent of Old IT Businesses do not have the Tools To Handle Modern Compliances

40% of Old IT Businesses do not have the Tools To Handle Modern Compliances

Resulting in issues with security and scalability

33 Percent of Legacy Businesses Experience High Cost For GDPR Alignment

33% of Legacy Businesses Experience High Cost For GDPR Alignment

Leading to disruption in overall finances

Enterprise Application Modernization Consultancy For Long-Term Success

Enterprise Modernization Consultancy is the first step toward successful Legacy Application Modernization. With reliable enterprise application modernization consultancy Services, you can easily identify backlogs in your legacy application and plan an effective blueprint for Legacy application modernization.

At Terasol, we use our years of industry expertise and our understanding of ever-evolving tech spaces to help businesses get ready for the competitive digital environment. Our experts identify the scope of further innovation and strategize ways to use modern tech for catering to complex business woes.





Solve Core Challenges in Your Legacy System With Us

Answer Core Challenges With Enterprise Modernization Consultancy

Enterprise Application Modernization Consultancy can help you identify core issues with Legacy Applications and build a future-ready digital infrastructure for your business.


An outdated codebase makes your digital solution slow and hard to navigate. Shifting to a modern codebase through the Legacy modernization process allows you to improve your performance.                                

User Experience

Consistently evolving customer expectations make smooth navigation a must. With the Enterprise modernization process, you can upgrade your front-end and enhance the UX.                   


Due to outdated code base legacy systems are usually vulnerable to cyber security threats. Enterprise Application modernization consultancy helps businesses in identifying and fixing security loopholes.    

Return On Investment

Legacy Application Modernization allows businesses to create a future-ready and scalable digital infrastructure that ensures higher ROI in the long run.         

Enterprise Application Modernization Consultancy

Make Your Legacy Application Future Ready With Terasol

Our Sucess Stories

Insights into how Terasol’s Product Engineering services assist brands to ace the market-competition


Bill App

Bill App offers a complete operation management suite for restaurant businesses of every scale. Our experts developed the complete digital application suite to Help Bill Transform and Digitize the Day-to-day operations of the restaurant industry.

Country                         France

Completion Time          2.5 Year

Team Size                      Varied from 8 to 15

Core Tech                      React Native, Angular, Kotlin, Web Socket,

                                         Node.js, PostgreSQL

Chain ManagementPOS FranchiseRetail Food

Virgil Proper

VirgilProper is a financial assistance company. At Terasol, we created an asset management platform that allows individuals and businesses to digitally record and track their assets rather than keeping a physical record.

Country                           Namibia

Completion Time           4 months

Team Size                       5 members

Core Tech                      React.js, Node.js, SQL, Figma

UI/UXPre-BookingTable Management Bill Split

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Industries We Serve

Life Sciences:

Innovative and data-driven digital products to make the pharmaceutical research and development process for medical professionals faster, more accurate, and easier.

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Interactive and manageable products to help in visitor tracking, bookings, and staff management for hotels and restaurant businesses without any hassles.

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Banking And Finance Services

Fast, and secure digital solutions to help your users instantly access banking and finance services. This would not only make your services more reliable but provide a competitive edge as well.

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Convenient, fast, and secure digital solutions to assist your finance and insurance business thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

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Streamline your overall manufacturing operations and enhance your staff productivity with industry-specific custom digital solutions from top product development companies.

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Innovative and easy to manage LMS solutions and customization assistance to support your target learners and build knowledge with your products and services.

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Information Services

Bring your ideas to life with our custom development services. Our team can build intuitive and conversion-centric product development to help your brand stand ahead of the curb.

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Planning to Evolve Your Legacy System for Higher Conversions? 

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