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Our global network of pharmaceutical, and MedTech expertise collaborates with you to develop and execute effective solutions to complex business challenges ranging from regulatory to patient involvement.


Life Sciences Industries


Driven by a vision to enhance patient outcomes, reduce time to market, control costs, and handle regulatory restrictions, the life sciences industry faces an urgent need to innovate. Integrating digital transformation into the life science industry leads to an intelligent, agile, and high-performing enterprise.

Scientific advances combined with new digital technology are shifting towards a patient-centric approach.

The global need for new, cost-effective medications continues to grow, even as regulators, payers, healthcare providers, and patients want more significant value for money.

How We Can Help

Terasol's trusted consultants and professional developers use their wealth of industry-based experience, knowledge, and expertise to help our clients evaluate their strategic business options, improve management and control, and identify cost-saving initiatives across the entire Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences value chain.

Our team seeks to achieve higher performance by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's main business activities by working closely with our clients, ranging from tiny entrepreneurial life science businesses to huge worldwide organizations.



Where Art, Science, and Technology are fiercely mixed together.



We Serve

Digital Medical Solutions
Implement digital strategies and processes to increase profitability by improving product development, speed to market, and patient centricity.
Pharma and Biotech Solutions
Leverage advanced digital platforms, cloud, data, automation, and Al to create safer, more effective, and more economical medications while improving patient outcomes.

Providing Advanced Solutions to the Fast-paced Life Science Industry

Terasol provides innovation and new techniques of disruption for preventative, predictive, and protective healthcare, from streamlining the current administrative process to enhancing efficiency and cutting healthcare costs.

HIPAA Compliance Apps

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establishes guidelines for businesses that handle protected health information (PHI). It necessitates the implementation of physical, network, and process security safeguards.

Remote Healthcare Apps

Remote healthcare is a collection of remote monitoring apps and medical equipment that allows patients to connect their health information with providers and keep family, nurses, and clinicians up to speed on patient health.

We help you build scalable, secure, and patient-centered apps to develop advanced technology apps to connect doctors to their patients.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulatory rules is costly and complicated in the Life sciences. Our regulatory compliance solutions assist you in meeting industry requirements. Leveraging our strong domain experience, current development methodologies, and extensive regulatory knowledge, we deliver end-to-end capabilities to build secure, compliant, and engaging omni-channel healthcare solutions capable of seamless interaction with digital health ecosystems.

mHealth App Solutions

Medical apps have made it easier for doctors, clinicians, and healthcare practitioners to perform everything.

  • Lifestyle Tracking
  • mHealth Connectivity
  • Patient gateway
  • Digital Therapy Apps

Terasol’s medical app developers leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, cloud, and AR/VR to create telemedicine apps that provide patients with quick and simple access to care while also lowering expenses.

Clinical Development Solutions

Using the latest digital technologies, our services assist you in automating labor-intensive clinical trial operations and driving efficiencies across the development lifecycle.

Our industry and technological expertise can assist you with:
  • Integrate systems and processes to increase clinical trial agility.
  • The workflow between upstream and downstream activities should be optimized.
  • Encourage better informed and strategic decision-making among partners and stakeholders.
  • To maximize budgets, use transaction, and outcome-based pricing and funding mechanisms.
Pharmaceuticals Solutions

The safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology digital solutions is always a major challenge in the life sciences. We prepare your firm for any problem by providing systems that collect and combine safety data from several sources to access real-time availability of pharma products.

Life Science Manufacturing Solutions

Our solutions assist our clients from project conception to completion, across the full manufacturing lifecycle, using automation, MES, and digital technology solutions. Our end-to-end smart factory solutions enable more integrated IT and OT systems, as well as more informed, data-driven decision-making.

Medical Insurance Solutions

Our team has great experience in offering healthcare mobile app development services for apps that connect customers with their insurance providers. This allows them to obtain information about the insurance plan, the specific benefits they can obtain, and so on in a timely manner.

Managed Market Solutions

Managing payer relationships is all about ensuring that their needs are met. Our Managed Markets solutions assist you in meeting a variety of needs, including as negotiated price discounts, formulary administration, and compliance tracking.

Terasol assists you in managing every aspect through strategies and digital technologies that increase efficiencies and reduce expenses


Digitize your healthcare business with our cutting-edge development services.

Let Our Work Advocate for Us

We lead organizations to fundamentally change how they deliver healthcare solutions and shape digital healthcare consumerism through our digital healthcare software development services.



EComm, a Multi-lingual healthcare digital solution to conduct online sessions for communication with convenient UI, and responsive app.

Country                         France

Completion Time         5 months

Team Size                     5 members

Core Tech                     React.js, MySQL, Node.js

UI/UX DesignPayment GatewayQualiity Assurance

" They themed the project as per our design guidelines, we had regular bi-weekly catchups, maintained a project tracker and while working amidst the pandemic was difficult, we sailed through together.

- Director, PayU Money 🇮🇳


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Building Life Sciences IT Solutions Using The Latest Technologies

Our team designs and develops products using the latest technology to help your life science products sustain the ever-increasing future demands.



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Web Apps

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Mobile Apps

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Tech Stack We Use To Make Your Life Science Solution Fast and Secure

Our team helps to select the right technology stacks for your life science product development to ensure the product is interoperable, strong, fast, and secure.









Backend Development


Java Script







Frontend Development








React Native

Mobile App development


Transform Your Business With Our services.

Let’s Navigate Our Journey in Life Sciences

Every move our team takes is to bring in a digital revolution in the life science industry using our creativity and expertise. We take a comprehensive approach to app development. This includes the following:

  • Well-Structured Architecture
    We realize the importance of having a well-planned architecture in making the solution secure and saving end-users time. Our decision between monolithic and microservices demonstrates how essential your end objective is to our system architects.
  • Security-based Approach
    Our digital life science digital solutions are built with security in mind. This is why we concentrate on compliance and broaden our testing coverage.
  • DevOps Model
    We rely on DevOps to keep custom life science software development with QA, and deployment running concurrently. It enables us to provide a strong framework for addressing fixes and avoiding replication when servicing various business requirements.
  • Unrivaled Code Quality
    Every design, performance, and security effort we put in results in unrivaled code quality. We also realize the need of keeping the number of patches low, since this leads to improved stability and less maintenance time.

4Cs That Defines Our Life Science Software Development

We are healthcare software developers who combine a robust mobile infrastructure to satisfy the needs of clinicians, healthcare providers, and patients in a dynamic setting. It can be accomplished through our 4C paradigm of a digital healthcare backbone.



The healthcare app sector has numerous use cases, but it all comes down to how comprehensive the solution is for your stakeholders.


Healthcare applications must follow worldwide and local regulations/rules governing digital healthcare compliance.


The industry needs a healthcare app solution that allows patients to connect with doctors and other healthcare professionals in a simple and secure manner. This is something that our team of healthcare mobile app developers is constantly working on for our clients.


Patients' confidential information should be viewed as a privilege that must be respected. The information should be kept private.


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