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Banking and Finance


Banking & Financial Industries

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

The financial services industry is facing a period of transition characterized by three primary factors: greater regulation, lower profitability, and increased competition.

  • Compliance with Regulations
    Your fintech product must comply with all legislative and financial requirements.Your fintech product must comply with all legislative and financial requirements.
  • Creation Superior Security
    Your application's user interface and experience design must build trust in users while still providing high-level security.
  • Geographical Limitation
    The fintech globe is separated into sub-regions, each with its own set of legislation and practices.
USD 28.5 Tn
The Financial Services Market by 2025.
USD 332.5 Bn
Global Fintech Market Size by 2028.
USD 40.67 Bn
The Global Core Banking Software Market by 2029.

To comply with regulations, compete with Fintech companies, and give a competitive return to shareholders, the financial services industry will need to make large investments in digital and cutting-edge technologies.

With a seamless, secure, API-led architecture, new digital fintech solutions enable financial institutions to automate business operations, provide better customer service, and reduce operating costs and risk.

How Terasol Can Help You

Terasol Technologies has significant expertise in banking and finance technology addressing dynamic disruptions and growing digital technologies. We have a wide spectrum of services under banking and finance industry to cater to your needs.

Our experts work with businesses to help them shape the future of payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, and retail and corporate banking.

Furthermore, our technology frameworks, tools, and platforms built through extensive project experience enable us to provide high-quality banking IT solutions to our customers. We help you to create a performance-driven digital solution that is scalable, flexible, and secure.

Banking and Finance services



Empower Your Business With Technology.

Segments We Serve

We have been assisting banking businesses in creating performance-oriented technological solutions to achieve desired results.

Retail and Corporate Banking
Retail and Corporate Banking
We assist businesses in modernizing legacy systems and delivering APIs and DevOps for a better user experience. Our digital retail and corporate banking system give a 360-degree view of the customer to enable real-time management of tailored services.
e-Wallets and Payments
e-Wallets and Payments
By providing open API, blockchain, analytics, and digital payment solutions, KCS enables a seamless, straightforward, and compliant payment experience. With our tailored e-Wallet Solutions, you can manage your money more effectively.
Investment Banking
Investment Banking
Domain-centric front, middle, and back-office investment operations will improve your experience and promote operational efficiency.
Asset and Wealth Management
Asset and Wealth Management
We provide outstanding wealth and asset management solutions in a variety of functional areas such as portfolio management, performance assessment, risk management, revenue management, business analytics, and much more.
Digital Lending
Digital Lending
Technology is at the forefront of assisting banks in gaining market share, gathering business intelligence and consumer intelligence, and digitally orienting themselves to remain competitive. Our digital lending platform for entire credit cycle processes, from loan origination to debt recovery.

Transformative Digital Technology Solutions

By using the power of data, our solutions assist insurers in improving consumer interaction, developing new business models, and launching innovative products. Achieve exceptional performance and long-term client satisfaction and prosper in the new digital economy with Terasol.

KYC Platforms

KYC Platforms

We create Know Your Customer (KYC) integrated technology platforms that efficiently manage all KYC regulatory compliance and policy needs from sign-up to the customer lifecycle.

  • Liquidity Analysis
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Automation.
Wealth Management Software

Wealth Management Software

We are a finance app development company that understands what wealth means to each individual and offers a sophisticated solution for managing it. We provide your clients with a way to track, manage, and increase their wealth.

  • Finance Admin panel
  • Personal finance and risk management
  • Financial data analysis
Digital Payments-07

Digital Payments

We specialize in the creation of dynamic payment systems based on the integration of multiple payment gateways. Our digital payment solutions assist you in transitioning from a cash-based society to a cashless society.

  • Online payment system
  • Electronic wallets
  • Point-of-sale software
  • Payment protection
End-to-End Banking Solution

End-to-End Banking Solution

We provide banking and finance development services to both retail and corporate banks worldwide. Banks gain a hack-proof environment, performance-based microservice architecture, and a solution that is the outcome of a user-driven lean approach when they work with us.

  • Online lending & alternative financing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Big Data analytics & data science
POS system

POS system

Our Financial app development team specializes in the creation of an omni-channel and ubiquitous POS solution for both high-end retail store chains and ordinary stores to accept payments from walk-in customers.

  • Invoicing: Sell, Buy and Rent·
  • Outstanding Inventory Management
  • Customer Orders and Supplier Orders
Stock Trading Service Solutions

Stock Trading Service Solutions

We are a prominent financial mobile application development company that creates solutions that investors use to improve their portfolio management efforts. Our products are designed to address the needs of investors around the clock.

  • Algorithmic trading
  • Simplifying trading operations
  • AI robo-advisory
Mortgage & Lending Software

Mortgage & Lending Software

We have developed complex loan and mortgage solutions for the world's leading markets. We've created and deployed a variety of domain-specific solutions.

  • Mortgage and lending calculators
  • Initial offering methods
  • Automated advice platforms
  • Legal upkeep tools

Leverage The Power of Technology To Create a Difference.

Our Success Stories

Our developers have helped firms in a variety of industries increase their efficiency and productivity throughout the years. We try to provide the best solution on the market while employing modern technologies to keep users engaged.

Agro Tech

Credit All

The application would answer the market gap of lack of availability for short-term loans for farmers along with easy lending and repayment process for them.

Country                           India

Completion Time           5 months

Team Size                       5 members

Core Tech                      PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap


"It has been wonderful and enriching to work with Terasol. Its more about commitment, sincerity, ability to outperform and owning the product is what Terasol team has shown through their wonderful work."

-Director, CreditAll 🇮🇳


Virgil Proper

An asset management tool to help user create better financial choices.

Country                           Namibia

Completion Time           4 months

Team Size                       5 members

Core Tech                      React.js, Node.js, SQL, Figma

UI/UXPre-BookingTable Management Bill Split

Learn more about Terasol’s expertise.

Technology Stack to Make Fast and Secure Financial Services

Our team assists you in selecting the best technology stacks for your banking and finance digital product development to ensure that the product is scalable, safe, and secure.









Backend Development


Java Script







Frontend Development








React Native

Mobile App development


Simplify Banking and Finance Services to Enhance Organizational Efficiency

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