The Super Trends In Mobile App Development in 2020

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In recent years we have seen numerous mobile apps and rise of custom mobile app development services which can be credited for changing our lives thoroughly and constantly. This can be because of the huge popularity and usefulness which they bring along with them. Mobile apps have not only made our lives convenient but they have also given a huge lot of opportunities to the entrepreneurs out there.  

With current technological innovations and inventions which are brought into our lives on an everyday basis and looking at the gorgeous super trends in mobile app development in the year 2019, it would not be wrong to think that the year 2020 will certainly be the year of mobile apps not only for mobile Software development companies but business and enterprises too.

So year 2020 saw the following super trends in mobile app development:

Mobile app development trends in 2020

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI is already one fast-growing technological phenomenon and per various studies, on its growth, it is predicted to reach $191 billion by the year 2024. Most of the industries like medical, manufacturing and so many more have already made AI an integral part of their functioning and operations. Even gaming and video arenas are ruled by AI.

The integration of AI & Machine Learning is very handy in important activities too like mobile app development. So if it is about Android or iOS app development, it can gather info regarding the procedure of app building from previous data, find about issues, and also troubleshoot them in real-time.

When we combine IoT and AI, it won’t be required to tap your finger in order to get work done, but with this amazing combination, you can just sit comfortably while Artificial Intelligence controls your home, devices, vehicles, etc. on its own. The future of AI will witness its growth in digital and cyber security, distribution of social media content, etc.

Look out for these 2020 AI trends:

  • AI & IoT integration
  • User behaviour prediction
  • AI-enabled face unlock
  • Automated ML
  • AI enabled chips

Internet of Things

Nobody ever imagined the importance of the internet in our lives a few years back. But if you still think that the internet doesn’t have the capacity to control and everything in our lives then you need to opt for IoT or the Internet of Things. It is a well-known fact that the future of IoT is vast!

So just imagine that you were in a hurry and in that hurry you forgot to lock your home. What would you do? Go back to your home to lock it? No! Instead you can lock it from wherever you are currently. All you would need is an IoT app on your smartphone, and IoT-powered lock system plus a good internet connection.

Why only your house or workplace? You should be geared up to see IoT control nearly everything with the use of its systems.

Most of the enterprises have already made a successful transition to the Internet of Things app development as it is sure to be omnipresent as smartphones in the year 2020.

Mobile App Development Trends to see in 2020:

  • IoT in healthcare
  • IoT in automobiles

Beacon Technology

Beacons are wireless transmitters which make use of Bluetooth technology in order to send signals. This mobile app development trend has already made its prominence felt in the healthcare & hotel industry.

Working wonders in the marketing industry, Beacon technology bridges the gap between the companies and the users. Following iBeacon by Apple Inc and Eddystone by Google this technology is now a part of both Android and iOS app development.

Be ready to see the following Beacon trends in 2020:

  • Mobile payment beacon
  • Beacon technology in physical games
  • Travel & Tourism beacon
  • Healthcare Beacon

Wearable Devices

We have already witnessed the rise of wearable devices in the market. To name a few ; fitness bands and trackers, smartwatches, etc.  

The market of wearables is opportunities galore and looks shiny enough to make mobile apps support this technology.

Wearable devices need a platform to operate like Apple Watch requires WatchOS while Android smartwatches sync with WearOS so it becomes necessary for mobile app developers to amalgamate their apps with wearables.

Gear up to see the following wearable trends in 2020:

  • Low dependency on smartphones
  • Growth in fitness trackers and their use

Cloud Based Mobile Apps

This trend of Cloud technology and its integration with mobile apps is surely going to boom a lot more in the coming years. Cloud-based mobile apps have enhanced storage capabilities and also increase the collaboration and productivity of mobile apps.

Improved Mobile Apps Security

Digital security is one very important aspect of mobile app development and keep maintaining its dominance in technological improvements.

With Apple already making a shift from Swift to Objective-C as its coding language, the app developers and designers should consider this as a reminder to integrate some more security features and measures in the starting stages of the whole app development process.

With rising mobile app development trends, the mobile app development industry will maintain the rapid rate of expansion, along with a rise in competition too among the app developers and makers which makes it even more crucial to get a deep understanding of these mobile app development trends much before you start to work on the app of yours!