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Digital Acceleration to help you top the ladder for conversions and ROI


Our app developers in UK are a passionate group of individuals committed to crafting unique and innovative business solutions. At Terasol, we believe in delivering a value-driven solution that provides higher ROI and better conversions.

Our team follows an agile and result-driven development process that empowers us to craft solutions that align with your business needs! We have 7+ years of experience in providing digital solutions to businesses of every size and scale. So, if you are seeking a reliable partner to enhance your digital transition, Terasol Technologies might just be the safe haven you need.

Our Success Stories


A dedicated Custom Software Development Company in India with a flair for innovation


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An app for the Las Vegas nightclub industry.

Country                     United States

Completion Time     6months

Team Size                 5 members

Core Tech                  Swift, Kotlin, Node.js

UI/UX DesignBrandingLogo DesignQuality Assurance

"Despite the difference in the time zones I was kept informed throughout the process. Overall I would definitely use Tersaol Technologies in the future for an IT project. Highly recommend!!!"

- Founder, JMVT 🇺🇸


CBS iCentral

An application for doctors and aspiring medical students.

Country                           India

Completion Time           1.5 Year

Team Size                       6 members

Core Tech                       Swift, Kotlin, PHP, MySQL

Coupon SystemPayment GatewayMultiple Currency

" We are happy and grateful to both tech team & PM's. I believe it's just the start, we have a way to go!

- CBS Publishers and Distributors 🇮🇳


Looking For Exceptional Developers For Your Next Project?

How Bespoke App Developers in UK Brings Digital Transformation

Our bespoke app developers in the UK will provide your company with industry-specific digital solutions aimed at increasing conversion and enhancing your brand image. Be it mobile, web, or enterprise solutions, our team can do it all.

• Simplify complicated business processes.

• Save time and cost to hire an in-house team.

• Get Industry Experts for development.

• Secure and Transparent development.

• Adopt industry-specific and cutting-edge coding standards.

Reasons To Choose Bespoke Software Development



of companies hire bespoke app developers in UK to increase their efficiency



of companies experience cost reduction when they work with Bespoke developers



of tech companies use bespoke developers for their product management

Why Choose Bespoke App Developers From Us

Terasol Technologies is built around a group of experienced software engineers who are dedicated to creating an innovative and industry-specific solution to meet the needs of challenging businesses.


Innovation is one of our core values, our team always comes up with unique and innovative approaches for solving business woes.


Our Bespoke app developers in UK rarely miss a deadline, we follow agile development to ensure rapid and efficient development.

Industry Experts

Our in-house team has worked with a variety of industries making them experts in solving complex business problems.

Result Driven

At Terasol, We follow a well-defined development process that aligns with the digital transformation needs of the project

Security Compliance

Our app developers in UK work on flexible shifts which allows us to coordinate across different time zones hassle-free.

How Our Bespoke App Development Services Sets Us Apart?

Our team keeps the customer first on the priority list, this allows us to assist our clientele with delivering industry-specific software solutions that bring enhanced conversion and higher ROI.

  • Dedicated branding to guarantee an enhanced brand image

  • Agile development to ensure the rapid development process

  • Industry centric development teams to ensure compliance and security

  • Consistent testing for zero surprises during development

  • Post-deployment support and maintenance


Want To Enhance Your Business Conversions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hourly rates?

There is no universal fixed price that our app developers in the UK charge for product development. The pricing depends on the overall length of the project and its complexity, once our team accesses that we will decide on a suitable pricing model and communicate it across.

How big is your team?

We have 50+ in-house experts with knowledge of various modern technology and industries who can help you access industry-specific solutions for your complex business needs. So you can reach out with your tech needs to us right away, and we will help you find the right fit with ease.

Do you follow GDPR compliances while developing software?

Yes, our app developers in the UK have 7+ years of experience in working with location-specific businesses making us adapt in working around GDPR compliance rules.

Can I reach out to your team for updating my premade custom software solution?

Yes, if you have a premade web or mobile app that isn’t working well our team can help you to amp up the overall conversion rates. Whether you need legacy software modernization, adding a new section to your pre-existing solution, or automation we can easily help you with it.

Do I own the Copyright and Intellectual Property?

Yes once the development process is successfully completed and your project is deployed on the live server, we will hand over the copyright and intellectual property to your team to ensure scalable solutions.

Do you work with SMEs?

Yes, we work with both small and enterprise scales businesses. We have flexible engagement models to help businesses of every scale to access development services and cater to their complex business needs.

How do I track the progress of my software solution?

Our bespoke app developers in the UK work on a transparent development process. In this, we will provide you with regular updates on your solution’s overall progress and you can provide us with relevant feedback to ensure the solution aligns with your business needs.

If I need new features midway during development will you include that?

Yes, during the midway of the project development process if you need new features you can reach out to our app developers in the UK right away. We will include the feature in our development pipeline and create a solution that aligns with your business needs with ease.

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